10 Best WordPress Plugins You Must Have in 2017

Here are the 10 best WordPress plugins of 2017

best wordpress plugins

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS). You can create a different type of websites and customize them on your choice. There are tons of free plugins and themes available in WordPress directory. But as a WordPress beginner, you may not know which plugins to use and helpful for your site. Because using of unnecessary plugins may slow down your website.

So in this article, I have collected and written about 10 Best WordPress Plugins you must have on your site.

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the best WordPress SEO plugin. It has more than 5 million active users and counting.

Yoast SEO plugin helps you to write better content that can easily rank higher on Google. Using their snippet preview on every post/page, you can check how your post will look like in the search results, whether your post title is too short or long, whether you have used enough focus keyword in your post that you want to rank for. This way you can create better and SEO optimized content that rank higher on search engines.

More than that, you can easily create an XML sitemap for your site and submit to Google Webmaster Tool to get indexed your page. You can also edit your WordPress site’s .htaccess and robots.txt file.

To use this plugin, simply download and install from your WordPress admin panel. Then setup it using this recommended Yoast SEO settings.

2. Akismet

If you recently started your blog, then probably getting lots of spam message. Spam messages are not only bad for your site, it also hurts your SEO and site reputation. To fight against spam messages, you may need hours and hours. Here comes Akismet anti-spam plugin. After activating this plugin, all comments will be filtered by Akismet. So all spam comments will be moved to spam folder automatically. So you will get notification of legit comments on your WordPress admin dashboard. This way it can save your time and you can focus on your work.

3. Tribulant Newsletters

If you want to turn your visitors into subscribers, then you must need an email subscriber plugin.

Tribulant newsletter is one of the best emails subscribe plugins. It allows you to capture emails, sending newsletters and can be used for both personal and business purpose. This is an All-in-one newsletter tool that comes with unique features. From their dashboard, you can easily setup this newsletter plugin easily and can track the statistics of subscribers. You can set autoresponders and with this plugin, you will get a different type of fancy newsletter themes.

Visit Tribulant Newsletters

4. W3 Total Cache

With a good web host, a cache plugin is necessary. Basically caching is a temporary space which includes all the static files i.e. HTML, CSS, JS, images etc. and deliver those files on browser request. So when a user opens your site, the cache plugin delivers those static files from cache storage instead of the original server. This way you can save your web server bandwidth and speed up WordPress site as well.

W3 Total Cache is the best plugin for WordPress. It can easily minify your pages and dramatically increase your site speed which is one of the important parts of SEO.

5. Google Analytics Plugin by GADWP

Google analytics plugin allows you to track your site stats using Google Analytics tracking code and provide you all the traffic details on your WordPress dashboard. This way you don’t need to open your Google Analytics tool every time and it saves your time.

It provides you in-depth post & page reports, real-time number of visitors, total visitors, total organic search traffic, GIO location etc. More than that, this plugin can also track events like: downloads, emails, links etc.

6. Tribulant Light Box

If you are finding a Lightbox and gallery WordPress plugin, then you must try Tribulant LightBox plugin. Using this plugin, you can create a beautiful image slider with images. More than that, you can create virtual image galleries on your pages by creating sets of images. When an image is a viewer, “Next” and “Prev” button will be shown as well.

Get Tribulant Light Box plugin

7. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker plugin monitors your website’s dead links or broken links. You may know that broken links can hurt your SEO, so you need to fix them as soon as possible. If you have lots of links on your site, then it is quite hard to find which links are dead and it is time-consuming work.

By using this plugin, it will monitor your all website inbound and outbound links and let you know through email or you will get a notification on your WordPress admin dashboard. It will monitor links in your posts, pages, comments etc. If it finds any dead links, you can edit or delete the link from your admin dashboard.

8. Ninja Form

Ninja form is one of the best free WordPress contact form plugins. Unlike Contact form 7, it doesn’t require coding to create a form. Using their drag & drop interface, you can create a contact form easily with a couple of seconds. You can create unlimited forms, fields, and submissions. From your dashboard, you can manage, edit and export form submissions. You can also integrate Google reCaptcha function to prevent spam form submissions.

9. User Role Editor

If you run a multi-author WordPress blog, then you need a user role management system plugin. User role editor is a good plugin to control all user roles. From your WordPress admin dashboard, you can easily change or edit user roles with just one click. If you want to block front-end menu items, widgets from the appearance or admin menu for a user, then you can do it by just updating a user’s role. So those features will be unavailable to the user. This way you can easily manage all the user’s role on your WordPress site.

10. WordPress Importer

If you want to move your all WordPress posts, pages and images to a new site, then you can easily move them by WordPress importer plugin. It allows you to import or export all your posts, pages, comments, images, categories etc. This plugin doesn’t require any further settings. Just activate this plugin and from “Tools” option, you can both import or export WordPress files.

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