10 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging

From attracting website traffic, to reaching the right audience, Guest Blogging has many advantages. In this article, we look at how Guest Blogging is one of the most successful digital strategies in 2019.

Guest Blogging is the practice of creating content and requesting someone else to publish it on their website. The content creation part is done by your brand or agency, the content is then posted on blogger or publisher’s platform.

Why would anyone request someone else to publish his or her content? Given the fact that creating high quality content is as good as gold dust in the digital industry.

These are valid questions. The answer to this is simple: Content created by you when placed on someone else’s website is more beneficial to your brand.

There is a consensus in the digital marketing industry about the benefits of Guest Blogging. Most SEO experts plan a rigorous guest blogging or guest posting strategy for their clients.

The best part about guest blogging is that it works for almost all the industries. If you do a little bit of legwork, you will find several publishers and bloggers operating for every industry niche.

From increasing your website traffic to making actual sales and generating revenues, guest blogging offers it all. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.

In the following section, we will look at 10 major benefits of Guest Blogging for brands.

1. Exposure to Targeted Traffic in your Niche

If you are able to make the right kind of outreach, you would be able to establish connect with niche bloggers in your industry. These bloggers enjoy a steady traffic of people interested in the industry of which you are a part.

For example, for an oven manufacturing company, it would be best to approach chefs and cooking/recipe blogs. These blogs see traffic from people interested in cooking and baking. This will help you get access to people already interested in your industry niche.

If your content is able to sway them, they will click on the link and land up on the product pages of your website. No other digital marketing strategy gives such direct access to related website traffic flow.

2. Improves your Website Metrics and SEO Scores

If you do not know yet, guest blogging is also one of the key link building strategies in digital marketing. Good quality backlinks are one of Google’s three top ranking factors.

A sound Guest Blogging strategy based on white hat strategies helps you build quality backlinks for your website. In addition to website traffic, which has an impact on improving website metrics, building backlinks also is a great contributor to improving SEO scores.

A website, which enjoys high metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Rankings, and Google Index Rank, is more discoverable, credible and searchable. Google promotes websites that have high metrics by showing them higher on the search rankings page.

3. Contributes to Brand Building and Brand Awareness

One of the key advantages of a successful guest blogging strategy is getting your brand out there. This means the more publishers post your content, the more awareness you are creating for your brand.

Suppose your brand is launching a new product. You want to reach as many people as possible. A guest blogging strategy will be a perfect fit for popularizing a product launch. Get in touch with 10 bloggers, publish three articles each, reach thousands of audiences, and redirect them to your website.

However, according to me, brand building on blogger outreach should aim at providing information. This information should solve some problems that users would normally face. Overtime, this will help build your credibility and make your brand a beacon of trust.

4. Acts as a Community Building Exercise

The guest blogging community is a tightly knit community. A top publisher knows the other top ten publishers in the industry. This means that if you are good as a client, you might be accepted to a very important industry niche.

A brand should always look at establishing community-building relationships with publishers. If you are in an industry and want constant help and assistance, your good relationships with publishers will bail you out many times.

Bloggers are not always hungry for money as has been portrayed by many. Clients, agencies and link resellers play them many a times. This makes them be extra careful when dealing with new clients. They typically want to work with people who they trust.

5. Appears as Authentic and Genuine Paid Promotion

When was the last time when you saw a paid ad on social media and did not click on it? Alternatively, the last time you disabled the Pop-Up Blocker. According to some stats, more than 60% systems in the world are Pop-Up blocker enabled!

This is why guest blogging appears as the most natural, authentic and genuine paid strategy. Whenever anyone comes across your content on a blogger’s platform, the users think it is credible and genuine. This is how the majority of users view blogs.

Content, which convinces and converts, is still the best digital marketing approach. Guest blogging offers this benefit to brands and agencies looking to market their product in the most effective manner possible.

6. Makes possible Lead Generation and Sales Conversion

When I was new in digital marketing, I would never believe anyone who would promise sales through guest blogging. However, being in the industry for over 7 years has changed that perception completely. According to digital experts, guest blogging helps shorten the sales funnel.

This has also been because I have myself been a part of campaigns for sales conversions through guest blogging. Do you want to know the result? It works! However, it is dependent on your brand working with the top bloggers and publishers. It also works on creating high quality content. However, most importantly, it depends on working together with the blogger for the campaign.

Once the blogger knows what you are aiming for, he will be able to guide you with regard to CTA placements, and other tips for conversions. This is a useful advantage of establishing great relationships with publishers.

7. Guest Blogging opens up New Channels of Amplification

Getting the link and forgetting the engagement can be the worst digital marketing mistake ever. The best bloggers maintain a number of great assets that can be used as platforms for optimization.

If you are able to establish a great relationship with the blogger, you can-

  • Request him to share your content on his social media handles. (Personal as well as his Page Social Channels).

  • You can also ask him to share your content with his Email database. The best publishers maintain an email database of thousands of users and audiences. Finally,

  • Ask him whether he will be able to make your content part of his Monthly Newsletter.

Sometimes, bloggers might charge extra for such add-on services. However, if you have string negotiation skills, you will be able to get a fair deal. Guest blogging provides multiple platforms for amplification of the same content piece.

8. Expands Networking Opportunities

Publishers can be highly competitive. They follow their competitor’s website and see which businesses are reaching out to them. If you have a large presence in an industry niche, you can expect emails from many publishers.

There email may state why you should work with them and what benefits will they offer. This is where you can leverage your position and strike a favourable deal. You can ask the blogger to throw in the add-on services.

If you work with the best, you will see a steady stream of mid-level bloggers approach you. The more bloggers you work with, the better will be the exposure for your brand. Everyone wants to work with someone who is credible, provides great quality content and is trustworthy.

9. Improves your Content Marketing Game

If you want to be great at guest blogging, you will need to raise your content marketing. This is because quality content is the number one convincing mechanism when dealing with the best publishers.

On 9 out of 10 occasions, money is not going to help you. The best bloggers want to maintain the credibility and integrity of their websites. Your content is going to be the only factor that will convince them to let you publish.

I have seen some brands set up separate content creating teams once they started seeing results from guest blogging. From content writing to creating fabulous imagery and integrating videos, guest blogging definitely helps you raise your content marketing.

10. Reputation Management and Social Listening Tool

You will not be able to get the best out of your guest blogging strategy, unless you are able to engage properly. Your content will be published on multiple platforms, in front of new audiences. Imagine all the feedback that you can get from such a new and diverse audience,

This will help you alter your product or change aspects of the product that people do not like. Using guest blogging for social listening is something that most brands do not do. They limit themselves to links and traffic.

However, if you working with an agency which pays attention on its SEO strategies, you will be able to utilise the full potential of guest blogging. Social listening is slowly emerging as a great need for brands. This helps them optimise their offering and present the best to their audiences. This strategy is rampant especially in the cell phone, gaming and tech industry.


When I started the article, I started it with a question: Why would someone allow his or her content to be placed on someone else’s website?

I hope that the above 10 points on the benefits of guest blogging have been able to convince and covert you!

Guest blogging when done in the right fashion yields fantastic results. In terms of investments, I can guarantee you that a proper strategy always delivers 3x ROIs.

I would love to hear what you think of guest blogging as a strategy in the comments section below.

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