17 Tools and Plugins for Ultimate 10X Better Content on WordPress

Here’s how to create better WordPress content.

Better WordPress Content

Creating content for your WordPress blog or website is going to be one of the hardest tasks you’ll carry out. Compared to writing content, setting up your domain name, your server processes, your code and your themes is a walk in the park.

However, creating content that your readers are going to love and transforms those leads into sales or subscribers don’t have to be such a heart-breaking task. Instead, here’s 17 plugins and tools you can use to create that winning content that you won’t know what you did without them!

Tools to Create Better WordPress Content

Here’s the list below. Some may be applicable and useful to you and some may not be but have a look, here are some hidden gems:

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyser

The part of your content that will draw your reader in is the headline which is why it has to be perfect. Use this tool to analyze your headlines, so it’s perfect every time.

2. Infogram

You should already know the importance of visuals in your content and how much it can make your content stand out from the crowd. This tool makes it easy to create high-quality infographics bringing your website a new way to convey data and information.

3. Big Assignments

To ensure your content makes a good impact on the reader, you need to make sure that it’s free from errors. Would you want to read a blog full of spelling mistakes? If you don’t have time, simply use this proofreading service to do it for you.

4. wpDataTables

This tool is considered by some to be the best table plugin available on WordPress as it helps you create responsive tables in any format that can help you work with over a million rows of data easily.

5. Best Australian Writers

So your content can be perfect when you’re writing it, be sure to check out this writing resource where you can brush up on your grammar knowledge, so each post is perfectly written and oozes professionalism.

6. PlayBuzz

Add a new edge of interactivity to your content with PlayBuzz, a free plugin that helps you create tables, quizzes, surveys and polls for your readers and users to interact with within your content.

7. Cool Timeline

If you need to add a timeline to your content for whatever reason you can think of, why not make it stand out and highly interactive with this easy to use plugin.

8. Ox Essays

If you’re struggling for ideas, this writing service will give you the opportunity to source ideas from leading writers related to your industry so you can always have subjects to write that your readers will care about.

9. Editorial Calendar

When it comes to creating content that makes an impact, it’s not all about writing, it’s about being organised, something that this WordPress plugin can help you do super efficiently with the ability to monitor, track and schedule your posts.

10. WP Keyword Suggest

As the title suggests, this plugin helps you to quickly find and use keywords related to the content that you’re writing about. The plugin scans all the major search engines and will return around 250 keywords with each search.

11. UK Top Writers

Use this tool to upload your content to have it checked for plagiarism before you upload it to your WordPress website, so you don’t have any infringements, ensuring the credibility of your website.

12. Edit Flow

Another workflow plugin, Edit Flow means you can easier monitor your content calendar, your site notifications, your budget and your users, all from one place, making it easier to manage your website and spend more time creating the best content you can.

13. Search Everything

When it comes to your users actually finding your content, the WordPress search function is admittedly quite poor. This ultra-cool plugin changes this and allows you to deepen your search functions so your users can find exactly what they’re looking for.

14. Elite Assignment Help

This is an online writing tool that you can use to edit and proofread your content to make sure that it’s perfect for uploading while guaranteeing that it’s the highest quality possible. After all, your users deserve the best.

15. Add Link to Facebook

It takes so much time to post on your WordPress site and then share it on your social media channels. After all, this is the time you could be spending on writing more winning content! This plugin means your new posts are automatically uploaded to your social media channels, so you don’t have to!

16. SEO Internal Links

This super helpful plugin will automatically link words, phrases and keywords in your content to other articles on your site, automatically showing your users related content to what they’re already reading, a great way to promote your best content.

17. Paper Fellows

If you’re running out of time when it comes to posting content on your blog, it can be tempting to rush a piece just to post something. However, you should never risk this low-quality content. Instead, use this service to write it on your behalf, guaranteeing the quality.


As you can see, there is such a variety of tools and plugins out there that you can use to create amazing content that your WordPress website users are going to love. If there’s a task that needs carrying out, you can be sure that there’s something out there to help you out.

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    1. Pamela Orange on January 8, 2018

      I followed many SEO rules on a Blogger based site. Like, all meta tag, Schema.Org Markup good quality. Quality title, Description and article. But it produce very low search result. I think Blogger blogspot is lil bit SEO disabled for it’s free services. Because we can’t access the root.


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