3 Ways to Add Social Media to Your WordPress Website

Social media marketing has exploded in recent years as one of the most effective ways of getting an idea across. Anyone not having a strong online presence is missing out on great business opportunities. Having a simple, single page website just does not cut it anymore. Integrating social media content into our online assets has become crucial in our marketing efforts. And there is plenty we can do to make that happen. For WordPress users there are thousands of options to go through, some are free and some are premium. Here, we will go over the most important elements we can incorporate into our WordPress website, and make it more share-friendly.

WordPress Social Media Plugins

Arguably, our first point is the most comprehensive of all the others that will follow. Plugins allow for much more detailed customization options and are user-friendly, compared to manual options. These also enable us to add social share buttons to our WordPress website, leading to all the biggest social media platforms. One of these plugins, just to brush up on the subject, is Jetpack. It is the go-to solution for many WordPress users. Its modularity is the strong point that increases the functionality in a website that it is implemented in.

The one we are interested in is the sharing module. It allows us to easily add various social media buttons. Readers can quickly and effortlessly share our content on all the major social media platforms. All the biggest of names in the industry are supported, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. With custom CSS ability we can also carry out basic customization to our social media icons.

Share-friendly multimedia content

If our site is heavy on multimedia elements like images, video and audio clips, we are on the right track. These carry much more weight when shared on sites such as Pinterest. Yes, sharing an article or a blog is ok, but the aforementioned elements are much more convenient for sharing and consumption. Again, there are plugins that do it for us, like Sumo. Some of the most convenient practices are, when hovering over the content, to have a share icon appear.

Social media networks can be set, as well as the alignment of the icons themselves, to give that streamlined appearance. Images, in particular, are the best way of catching and holding the attention of a potential client. We are, after all, visual creatures, and therefore, images (still or moving) stick with us best. Allowing readers to quickly and effortlessly share it en masse can prove to be an invaluable asset. It also has the potential of having a snowball effect, as time progresses.

Non-plugin options and practices

There are ways for us to make a lot happen manually, without the use of third-party plugins. There are various locations we can add our social media elements to our WordPress website. Most commonly used are those in the website header and main menu, for convenience. The first place we all begin is at the site header. Depending on the theme of our site, they include options adding social media icons and let us select a display area. If they do not, we can always edit our current theme or choose a new one.

Opting for a more flexible and better-suited theme is important, but does require a little forward thinking. When it comes to headers, they do make a lot of sense. As stated before, it is where our presentation starts. It makes sharing quite convenient for the end user. Also, it is more likely to be noticed right from the get-go. Along with it, it is also a great idea to add social media elements to our WordPress menus.

These are highly visible as well and will complement the primary ones in our headers. As with our headers, our current theme may natively allow us to link social media accounts from this menu. Another very popular option is to use professional assistance. There are plenty of agencies that handle these types of business like the reputable Eight Clients agency. What these do is, they handle all of our social media integrations professionally and in accordance with common practices. Especially for those less tech-inclined, these are truly amongst the most hassle-free and straightforward solutions that leave all the dirty work to professionals.


Of course, the choice we make in what method to use highly depends on our site’s (business’) needs. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, as every WordPress site should be custom tailored to fit. What might be perfect for certain other industries and niches, might not work for us, at all. Most plugins are free or have a free version which makes them very convenient.

If a more personal touch is required, there are always manual methods of implementation. They often do require a little more know-how, but not too much. And finally, there are always professional solutions for us to outsource the tech work to. No matter what we choose, the power of social media marketing is there for us to grasp.


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