4 WordPress Tips for Social Media Automation

If you’ve ever muttered the phrase, “If only these dishes could just wash themselves,” you understand the power and appeal of automation.

While it hasn’t quite gotten to the level of automating household chores yet, many mundane business tasks can now be allocated to computer programs, saving people hours every week.

Automation has a lot to offer marketing teams specifically; it not only saves them time during the day, but it can also help to lower costs and improve the results from their efforts.

According to research from Liana Technologies, 69% of teams saw an improvement in their targeting strategies, while others saw vast improvements in lead generation and conversion rates.

Clearly, marketing automation is incredibly beneficial – and perhaps the best tools to automate one of the most popular marketing strategies (social media) is WordPress.

Social media is so influential on consumer behavior today that nearly every single business understands the importance of utilizing it to connect with their audience.

But it can also be very time-consuming, especially if you are using multiple platforms and posting several times a day. By connecting your social accounts to your WordPress website, you can easily automate your social media marketing efforts. Here’s how.

Use Plugins and Third-Party Tools for Automatic Content Posting

Arguably, one of the best parts of using WordPress is the expansive library of plugins that are compatible with the platform. When it comes to social media automation, there is no exception.

One great one is Nelio Content– which will automatically take the copy of a single social post and create Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest posts for publication.

An added bonus to this platform is that it has an automated content assistant, which will analyze the structure of your posts and recommend improvements. This includes how to connect it to a blog post for a stronger internal link structure or how to tag photos and include trending hashtags for higher visibility.

Since social media is a great place to promote new content, considering that many consumers now use it to research new brands, products, or just general information. Automatically creating a post on all linked social sites the moment that a new blog is published is a great way to gain traction.

You can see this tactic in action on Trustpilot’s Facebook page.

IFTTT was one of the first automation tools that was marketed to the masses, but it can also be incredibly useful for automating simple social tasks within your WordPress site. This program is designed to make automation simple with a “if this, then that” approach.

So, say that you want to use Instagram to drive traffic to your site. If an Instagram post is published, then you can use IFTTT to simultaneously create an Instagram Story promoting the new post, doubling your visibility.

Try One Stop Editing

Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes a social post will go out with a misspelling, an incorrect link that needs to be fixed, or a weird format.

If your social posting platform is not automated, it can be a total nightmare, as you have to go to each account and edit or delete the previous post.

The WordPress plugin Blog2Social allows you to create and edit posts within a single platform, then post automatically to every channel. It also has a built-in editing system that will double check how each post will look on various channels to prevent these mistakes from occurring in the first place.

Create an Automated Posting Schedule

Social Web Suite is a great all-in-one option that makes the most basic tasks of social media marketing more automated. Through this plugin, you can auto-schedule posts ahead of time and also create automatic settings that will be applied to new posts.

For instance, if you want every Facebook post to automatically include a link to your website at the bottom, you can create this setting in Social WebSuite. It can also automatically recycle older posts and integrate them into the schedule to keep great content at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Buffer is a popular choice for social media automation – and it can be easily integrated into a WordPress site, too. The Buffer Pro Plugin allows you to create specific automated posts with separate options for each channel. This is great if you want to pick and choose which platform various content gets published.

It also features conditional publishing, so that automated posts need to meet a certain set of criteria before publication.

For instance, say that you have set up your Buffer to generate a new Facebook post every day at 10 am. However, your company made a big announcement that day and has already posted several times. You may want to set a conditional setting that this automated post should only be published if less than two other posts were published previously, so that it does not take away from the most significant content.

Integrate Social Listening Plugins for Engagement

Many customers these days use social channels to contact brands directly by posting a question, comment, or concern. You want to know the moment when a customer comments or includes your name on the internet so you can engage in a conversation or resolve an issue.

This is something brands like JetBlue have perfected.

Disqus is a great plugin option that will automatically alert your team whenever a comment is posted on every single active account. It also gives you a glimpse into the behind the scenes of your audience’s engagement by measuring how many people read posts and comments, shared your post, or interacted by “liking” it.


By incorporating these tools into your marketing team’s daily practices, they can save significant amounts of time.

Furthermore, each of these programs can make your strategies even smarter with integrated analytical reports to show just how much of a difference these plugins are making – while keeping everything organized within a WordPress platform.

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