5 Best WordPress Themes for A Student-Entrepreneur

Starting a blog or an e-commerce store has become easier than ever before, encouraging student entrepreneurs to create one that would make them money. Student entrepreneurs are aware that they are bootstrapped and running a startup means you need to save money wherever you can to keep your funds going

It’s not surprising that Timothy Sykes saw the opportunities and at just 13 years old started TimothySykes.com, a WordPress site which earned him millions by selling DVDs that talks about trading in stocks. Interestingly, Matthew Mullenweg of WordPress is himself a student-entrepreneur. The list is basically endless.

WordPress sites are affordable and more accessible, and the rewards outweigh the risks. While student entrepreneurs encounter obstacles that attempt to throw them off course, making a good start in the business world with the help of a website becomes imperative.

With the right content, theme, and design, the website, whether a blog or an e-commerce store, manages to attract more visitors and make your presence felt in the market.

Not only do the right features encourage the visitors to stay longer browsing on the site, but the conversion rates are also pretty high. This post will discuss the 5 best WordPress themes for student entrepreneurs.

1. X- Theme

X-Theme is a popular WordPress theme with student entrepreneurs. ThemeForest claims that it’s one of the bestselling themes because entrepreneurs are attracted by its compelling features.

The huge benefit about this theme is that it’s comprised of 4 stacks which have different layouts and designs. Their unique features make it easy to use in any website. Here are the X-Theme stacks:

  • X-Theme comes with extensions which are plugins for this theme. They include Facebook comments and Olark Live Chat. You can download and install the plugins  to use on your site.

  • It also has cornerstone which is a front-end page builder. It has extensions which come handy when you want to work on your site from the front-end.

  • The theme has shortcodes which have various functions. For example, you can use the shortcodes to create buttons or to hide a feature which will not be seen by the visitors to the site.

Student entrepreneurs pick X-Theme because they can use it for WooCommence when they want to indulge in eCommerce. It gives aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to sort their posts and place them in the right categories.

If you want to run an informative blog or website that engages well with the visitors, you need to take this theme as one of your options. The plugins will help you to communicate with people and this user-engagement means greater brand visibility.

2. SociallyViral

SociallyViral is another engaging WordPress theme that is designed to be fast to manage increased traffic. It has features for sharing on social media platforms and is well suited for student entrepreneurs.

While this theme boosts more traffic from social media websites, it also improves the search engine rankings. The theme has a free and premium version, but the free version has limited features. This is a great theme for your blog if you intend to launch a business that will attract more visitors.

SociallyViral supports WooCommerce, meaning that you can showcase your products in a user-friendly manner. As time passes, you can create a full eCommerce site to increase your earnings.

It comes with a drag and drop builder to make it easy for you to develop the layout of your website. There is no limitation with this feature because you can design a website that meets your desire and goals.

There are four loading effects for this theme, which means that visitors find this feature appealing. They will stay on it which may increase the conversion rate. The responsive design will help your customers to access the site on their mobile devices. It comes with a fully responsive layout for your website to fit into any screen.

3. ReHub

ReHub is a multipurpose theme that is popular in the business world. Student entrepreneurs love using this theme as it’s a flexible theme and offers various optimization solutions, making it a great option for startups.

The best part about this theme is that you can build a site that can help you achieve your goals with very less effort. The visual representation is a feature that is liked greatly by the visitors.

The theme is suitable for affiliate marketing because of its features. Some of these features include directory site, blog review, and shop options which will help you engage with customers. Even better, WordPress hasn’t stopped adding more features to this theme.

With new trends coming up in the market, they keep on updating this theme. ReHub has filter panels that you can use to customize your site and affiliate features encourage you to check the prices and front-end affiliation. The product creator makes it easy to display your products and services.

The theme tries to keep pace with the latest style which is why the student entrepreneurs like it. The customization features enable you to make your website and blog attractive to prospective customers. There’s nothing better than trying all the customizations by yourself. As a student, if you lack time, it’s better to seek math homework help or for that matter any subject, through an assignment writing service. For the best ones, read Edubirdie review or Australian writings review.

Not surprisingly, those who use this theme have been successful with their business ventures. It comes with the plugin to help your content look interesting to read and you can get this content from different sources such as Google images and Tweets.

4. Extra

Extra was built around Divi Builder to make it stylish and suitable for various functions such as blogs and online shops. The theme allows you to create magazine and blog style layouts intended to split the content into post categories.

It gives you a chance to integrate ads into the layout by using over 40 content modules that comes with it. Even the most difficult layouts are easy to create because you just have to drag and drop content modules into the complex layouts.

Extra supports WooCommerce to make it easy for student entrepreneurs to carry out their business. The eCommerce plugins integrates nicely with its design. You can customize your site to help you change the style of the header and footer. The dropdown menus allow you to add columns and media and they are easy to configure.

What makes this theme unique is that it supports seven WordPress post formats. These formats include videos, quotes, audio, and maps to give you an opportunity to publish any content on your site.

Extra also features a custom review system enabling you to add a review to any of the posts that you make. It has custom widgets that are suitable for bloggers such as social media widget and recent posts widget.

5. Divi Theme

Divi Theme is the theme which every student entrepreneur should have. It has proven that it’s popular in the market since it was introduced because it’s fast and attractive. It was built with Divi Builder to make it sleek so that you don’t have to refresh the pages and no loading is required, making it one of the fastest themes on the market.

Other than making it fast for the students, the visitors also spend more time on your site and blog, meaning there are more conversion rates. It has an intuitive front-end that you can use to change your page and it immediately updates everything on your site.

With its customization options, you can change the font, color, spaces and sizes of the features. The security system is of high-quality as it comes from SuCuri which is one of the trusted security companies in the world.

The theme consists of 46 various types of content elements which gives you great options to mix and match. Listed below are some of the advantages that this theme has:

  • It’s flexible and provides you with a great option to communicate with your customers as it comes with translations in 32 languages.

  • It has live responsive previews and customizable mobile breakpoints.

  • It synchronizes global elements on various pages. You just need to make a single update to get everything updated.

  • It has 20 pre-made layouts.

  • It’s easy to import and export layouts to your library to be used later on when you have the time.


Student entrepreneurs continue to make a difference in business work through their innovative products and services. They have been successful because they use the right themes to engage with their audience and that’s why WordPress themes are great for blogging and building a website.

Blogging allows people from across the globe to interact with you and know about your products, making it a great way to enter the business world. All the themes discussed above are suitable for student entrepreneurs as they have the right features to make the beginning of a venture easier.

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