5 Essential Things You Need for Your WordPress Website

If you’re a small business owner in the process of digitizing your brand, WordPress is definitely the platform you need. It’s easy to use, offers great flexibility and it’s quite affordable, However, you’ll find a lot of opinions about what makes a good WordPress website. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, things can become confusing pretty quickly. That’s why we’re sharing only the five essential factors you need to get your WordPress website up and running today.


1. A responsive design

Today’s consumers look for an omnichannel experience and you have to make sure your website offers them the flexibility. This means you’ll have to build a website that is responsive in different screen layouts. Look for a theme that is responsive and lightweight. This way, you’ll be able to avoid clutter and focus on making the experience fluid and consistent across devices. When searching for WordPress themes, always prioritize form and functionality over fancy gimmicks.


2. An SSL certificate

Securing your WordPress website should be one of your top goals right at the beginning. You can start with standard tasks like securing your credentials and admin area, updating services and plugins, and running spam protection services. However, that’s not where your job ends. It’s important to get an SSL certificate for your website. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) secures the connection between the website and browsers and marks your website with an “https” prefix. You can get free SSL certificates with a good website hosting option.


3. Get the website up to speed

In today’s competitive digital space, slow to open websites never really take off. Viewers need a smooth, fast, and lightweight experience and if your WordPress site takes a few extra seconds to load, they’ll swiftly move to your competitors.

You can improve page speed by following Google’s core web vital policies, getting rid of complex architecture and redundant codes, and using a caching plugin to enable browser caching.


4. Few plugins

Plugins are one of the standout features of WordPress. Few WordPress plugins that every website owner should have are Yoast SEO (SEO optimization), WP Rocket (caching plugin to load website faster), UpdraftPlus (for website backups), WPForms (design custom forms), and Elementor (build your website with visual cues).

Depending on your plans, you can download official plugins and upload custom ones to optimize your website. Make sure to check the reviews, the security metrics, and their pricing before picking the plugins.


5. Links

Your WordPress website should have a proper link strategy to interact with other websites and appear in SERPs. To start, use a clean permalink structure to avoid confusion. Permanent links stay on your website forever so make sure you edit them for Google visibility.

You should also internally link content so that Google can understand how different elements in your website interact. Apart from internal links, focus on building good backlinks using the Getmentioned link building service to improve your authority. A link-building service allows you to leave the backlink creation to the experts.


There are hundreds of things you’d need to get right for your WordPress websites, but before you dive deeper, make sure you cover the base with the five things mentioned above.

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