5 things to keep in mind while creating a sport-related WordPress website today

The sports market is increasing in value and audience. The NFL, NBA, and college sports dominate the North American market, and soccer is the most popular global sport, leaving all others behind.

When you consider creating a sport-related blog or other types of website, the first thing you’ll have to decide on is the niche. If you have resources and funds, you can create an ESPN type of site that follows all sports. However, it’s much better to pick one sport or niche with the most knowledge and authority. You can get the share of the target audience easier than covering a broader group.

Once you’ve decided on the website topic, it’s time to consider the name. If you have that covered, check out our five things to consider when opening a sports blog.


1. Consider live streaming

Live streaming and live results are things most fans want from a sports website. You can’t always watch the games, so you want a reliable source of information. Another way to follow up with sports results and in game action is to use the best sports betting app in Arizona. Platforms like Unibet for example, make it possible for sports fans to stay informed while they place bets on their favorite teams.

To pick winners in playoffs, it would be helpful to have information about the team and options for live streaming on a sports blog. Live streaming quality is essential, and having live updates will bring traffic to your website.


2. Pick your blogging platform and infrastructure

You can go with blogging platforms that require little to no technical knowledge, like Wix or Squarespace. You pay the fee and choose a layout. However, if you want to consider monetization possibilities and more complex options, WordPress is the best available option. You can also find free resources and a developed community to help you get things going.

The first step is to buy a domain and hosting package. After that, you can start with smaller hosting and upgrade when your website gains traction.


3. Premium photos and videos

Multimedia drives websites today, and game highlights are among the most viewed content. However, getting the rights for such content can be costly. Alternatively, you can visit your local club press conferences and record soundbites, which is a cheaper option that will also attract the audience.

Consider subscribing to photo providers to have authentic photo material when writing on relevant sports topics.


4. Team roster, player profiles and upcoming events

Whether you want to focus on opinions or news, having basic information about athletes is something you should consider. Checking on the team roster and player profiles is something sports enthusiasts love to do. Another attractive piece of content is a schedule of upcoming events. If you manage to cover those three, you can rely on steady traffic from sports buffs.


5. Choose the type of layout

WordPress has the most developed Themes community among popular CMS providers. You can find any type you need. Before choosing the theme and layout, you should know the audience. Top leagues like European soccer, NFL, or NBA might need a more aggressive type of layout. If you’re doing golf or a yoga website, a more calm theme is appropriate. Extreme sports like skydiving or surfing demand different off-beat layout types with the athlete’s stunts in plain view.

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