5 Tips to make your WordPress post go viral

5 Tips to make your WordPress post go viral

Make your WordPress Post Go Viral

So, you want to go viral…

The thought of creating an awesome blog post that will become a sensation motivates you to keep writing great stuff.

After all, just one properly written post can make you an online celebrity in a just a few days.

But how does one go viral?

There are two ways. One is to write content and keep the hope alive that someday it will go viral because you’ll master the craft of producing good content.

For that, you’ll need a lot of time. And we’re not talking months.

The second way is to use powerful tips that have worked for many people and maximize your chances of getting lucky without having to wait for months or years.

How to Make Your WordPress Post Go Viral

Here’s the selection of tips that will help you to rapidly make your WordPress posts go viral.

Tip# 1: Create Headlines that Resonate with Lots of People

Internet surfers today are as demanding as ever. They scroll through lots of articles, posts, tweets, pics, and ads every day, so if they don’t see anything that resonates with them, they’ll keep scrolling.

The average human attention span measured in 2013 was just 8 seconds. Today, with the increasing impact of social media, the average time a person spends to evaluate a headline is less than 3 seconds.

So, you’d better make your headlines really interesting. Remember, a catchy headline:

  • Evokes curiosity
  • Gets personal
  • Makes a statement that many people care about
  • Makes a bold statement

For example, let’s consider the following title:

“Why You Don’t Deserve a Raise.”

This title will make viewers curious. Everyone wants a raise, and many people think they deserve it right? So they will think…

“That’s nonsense! I work really hard, I deserve a raise. However… It wouldn’t hurt to look, perhaps I’ll find something I should avoid.”

And they click on the headline! Success! And it happened because you provoked a reaction and stimulated a viewer to think about their own job.

Tip #2: Produce Quality Content

The best promotion efforts will fail if the content is unattractive for readers. “That’s why you need a clear content plan to ensure that your posts will be popular with the Internet community,” according to Justine James, a content marketer from or A-writer.

Some considerations to include in your content plan:

  • Write content that people can relate to. HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm was a popular show because it showed relatable situations the main character, a comedian Larry David, found himself in.
  • Write about lifestyle and travel. These are two hottest blog topics in the game right now.
  • Write thought-provoking posts. Choose a topic that makes people take sides (marijuana legalization, climate change etc.)
  • Write good old List posts that include a list of a number of things on a certain topic. (“Top 7 Things to do in Vienna,” “Top 10 Healthy Foods.”)
  • Write interactive content likes quizzes. (“What Friends character are you?” etc.)
  • Teach people to do something (DIY articles).

Produce Quality Content

Tip #3: Promote on Social Media during the Best Hours

Timing is everything in online business. That’s why you need to ensure you’re unleashing your content on the world at the right time. Given that there are certain times when user activity and interaction on social media peaks, you should publish new content on your blog and share it on social media at these specific times.

According to Entrepreneur, an ideal time to send a tweet is on Thursday at 5 pm (Eastern times). The greatest chance of getting your post on Facebook liked and shared is Thursday 8 pm. For Instagram, the ideal time is Friday evening.

And when visitors land on your blog, you can use Pop Up plugin to capture their data and attract their attention by displaying your offers.

Tip #4: Share on Forums and Communities

Another great way to get the word out is to share your content on well-known online communities and forums. For example, content sharing platforms like Triberr and Medium are perfect because they host posts on a wide range of topics.

A word of advice for you: any article you want to share there should be really, really good. No platform will work with you if you produce poor-quality content.

Tip #5: Be Trendy

To find out what people are talking about online and create your own content that rides the wave of the trend, check out Google Trends. This is an awesome tool that allows searching for various categories of trends in specific countries and across the world and showcases the most popular content on the web.

It’s Your Turn

Hopefully these tips will help you to create amazing content that will make people want to stop scrolling and click on it. Use them for inspiration and turn that dream about going viral into reality!

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