5 ways to improve the security of your WordPress website


Online security is an evergreen topic simply because there is no way to stop hackers from finding new ways of breaching the integrity of the online content. WordPress is arguably the most popular web platform, covering more than 25 percent of websites. It represents a valuable target for hackers. In order to help you enhance the security of your WordPress website, we crafted a list of five basic security measures that you can apply to keep intruders abbey.


Regular CMS updates

WordPress provides constant updates that bring additional features and security improvements. Updates are free and easy to perform. All you have to do is check notifications on your dashboard and see if there’s an update available. If there’s a new version at hand, just click the update button and follow the instructions.
Updating your WordPress can also benefit the performance of your website. It can fix compatibility issues with some plugins or third-party apps. This way, you can avoid a crash and enhance user experience.


Use HTTPS protocol

You might have noticed that some web addresses start with HTTP and others use https. The difference may look minor, it’s just one letter, but that’s far from the truth. HTTP is a protocol that allows data from your website to reach visitors. HTTPS does the same but does it in a more secure way because the data transferred via HTTPS protocol travels encrypted. This way it’s more difficult for hackers to intercept your data and cause potential damage to your website or user information.

In order to change HTTP to HTTPS all you need to do is install a security certificate. Most hosting agencies provide free SSL/TLS security certificates, but you can always shop around and find a certificate that makes you feel safer. Running an e-commerce website without a security certificate can also drive away any potential shoppers. Imagine paying for a cheap writing custom essay servicethat doesn’t protect the safety of your credit card information, not likely to happen.


Use two-step authentication

Another good way to make your website even safer is to install a two-step authentication plugin. No matter how complicated your password is, there’s always a chance someone will find a way to break it. Two-step authentication allows you to improve the safety of your online content by sending a confirmation code to your mobile device every time you, or someone else, tries to sign in to your WordPress dashboard.

There is a vast number of plugins you can use in order to install two-step authentication protocol. Feel free to do some research and decide which one works best for you.


Install lockdown plugin

A lot of hackers use so-called brute force attacks in order to breach the safety of your website. It’s a simple method of changing username and password combinations until the hacking tool gets the right combination. With website lockdown plugin installed you can feel much safer when it comes to these types of threats.

Lockdown happens when a user fails to log in after a specific number of attempts. Depending on the software, some plugins will send a notification to your mail or mobile device letting you know someone is trying to login to your dashboard without success.


Backup on a regular basis

As we mentioned at the beginning of our text, there is simply no way to guarantee the safety of your website, no matter how sophisticated security mechanisms you try to implement. Therefore, it’s perhaps the best advice to back up your data regularly. When you have your recent data stored in a secure place, preferably offline, even if you lose all online information or the integrity of your website is under a threat, you will always be able to get things back as they were the last time you backed up.



The integrity of your online content and the safety of your visitors is of utmost importance. No matter if you’re a travel blogger or e-commerce entrepreneur, you should always work on enhancing the security measures. This is not an easy task nor it can ever be completely finished. On the contrary, there are new security systems appearing all the time. You should keep your eyes on new trends and products that will provide a higher level of security for your website.

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