6 Ways to Boost Your Writing Skills as a WordPress Content Writer


With over 600 million blogs on the Internet, grabbing your fair share of the cake can seem like an impossible task. However, as there are only 6 million blog posts posted daily, things get a bit lighter. Whether you run a blog that is purely informative in nature, write for monetization or even work like a copy or content writer, being able to perfect your skills goes a long way. With improved writing skills, you can deliver higher-quality content and establish long-term cooperation with your clients.


How To Work on Your Writing Skills

But, actually working on your writing skills seems to be a more difficult task. Writing every day fine-tunes your skills, and after a few years of hard work, you seem to have reached your glass ceiling. The plateau, however, should not disrupt you from seeing working on your writing skills as getting new skills and further tuning what you already have.


What Does the Writing Market Need?

After all, the market only keeps those that are at the top of their field. Just ask any IT guy what a year of not learning about their skills can do – from lagging behind others for years to come to actually losing your job – nothing is impossible. For this reason, staying on top as a content writer is a must, so here are several tips on how to boost your writing skills as a WordPress content writer:


Write Every Day

Writing every day goes without saying. Being in touch with the matter and your keyboard is necessary to ensure that you do not get rusty. After all, the keyboard should feel like an extension of your mind, not a tool that you use occasionally. Furthermore, writing every day will give you a chance to explore and improvise with your writing skills. In the long run, this can significantly improve your language quality.


Keep It Short and Simple

The golden KISS rule – keep it short and simple, is now more important than ever. Being able to write short and coherent sentences and paragraphs is a must. Please, do not be too carried away by the current trend of pulling single-sentence paragraphs and doing it yourself. After all, the readership does not like to see a page half-empty. Keep your paragraphs dense and short, and do the same with sentences.


Write on Relevant Topics

If you own a blog, you may be overfocused on the evergreen content. However, being too much in the long gain can make you lose spikes in visits when important news hits the headlines. So, you should be able to write both about evergreen topics and current, relevant events. Besides bringing in a new pool of readership, this kind of content can increase engagement time and reduce bounce rate. Another benefit of this mixed approach is more opportunities for internal linking, as relevant news can anchor their stats and concepts in the evergreen content.


Do Your Research – Check Your Facts

Always check your facts and properly link to your sources. Simply presenting the facts is often not enough to persuade your audience in the information behind your words, so being able to properly link and present correct, up-to-date, facts can benefit you in the long run. External linking to the sources can also be very important, as it shows credibility and offers chances of backlinking.

Researching, especially if the topic is complex and demands a lot of numbers and percentages, can take away too much time. This is why many successful blogs hire external professional writers. GrabMyEssay enables you to get your facts checked by professionals who will also do the writing part for you. This all-in-one solution has proven to be very successful over time. This is the ideal solution for those looking to reduce their workload and focus on the supra of content planning.


Link for Quality, Not Exposure

Speaking of external linking, there are both good and bad ways to do it. The good way would be linking to a VARIETY of sources and offering chances for further reading outside of your website only. On the other side of the spectrum is linking for exposure, only to the websites that want to link back. Besides offering a low-quality link profile, this kind of linking also puts you at the risk of being flagged as a PBN (Private Blog Network) by search engines.


Do a Thorough Check

Once the text is done, ensuring its quality and readability is of paramount importance. Checking for sentence length and grammatical accuracy before posting can go a long way, as you ensure that your text is readable to the widest possible audience. For this purpose, you should use a combo of Grammarly and Hemingway App.


●      Grammarly

Grammarly is a great solution if you need to check volumes of content in a quick time. Far from a perfect solution, this app still gives you access to a plethora of advice on how to optimize your content for easier reading. Grammar checking and avoiding passive constructions, punctuation, spelling, and intended meaning are just some checks done by the app.


●      The Hemingway App

The Hemingway App works to ensure your text is easy to read. Sentence length and the number of adjectives and adverbs used are taken into consideration when analyzing a piece of text. To ensure the readability of your content, it is best to use it together with Grammarly.


Final Remarks

Being able to write a good piece of content day after day means working on your writing – daily. Ensuring your writing is top-notch is more a question of discipline than it is of luck or how much you will pay for a course or two. To ensure your writing skills as a WordPress content writer stay sharp, follow our tips.

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