7 Ideas to Promote Your Blog

If you want to make a living out of blogging, there are certain tips and tricks you should be aware of.

Writing quality content isn’t enough. Your posts must meet certain standards to successfully reach out to people. Moreover, like any other product you need to sell, your blog also needs proper advertising. Here are some things that might have been new to you and will help you promote your blog.


Focus on a Niche You Know

Your audience will be drawn to your posts if you give them valuable information. Thousands of articles are posted daily but not all of them contain high-quality, original material. You don’t want to be part of this crowd. What you should do is write about topics you are familiar with. Otherwise, your post will be mere paraphrasing from other resources and readers will figure it out.

If you have expertise in a domain, focus your blog on that niche. It will give the right and authority to state strong opinions that will engage your public. Besides, this will also allow you to relate to personal experiences, which is another great way to draw more traffic to your blog.

Writing unique, valuable articles will draw readers in.

Post More Often

Frequent posting will help you promote your blog easier. Posting an average of four articles per week will help your blog rank better. This number is supported by research that showed how writing more means getting more visitors. The overall number of the articles you publish monthly will help you reach the same conclusions. This is how organic traffic work, the more you write, the more you get. A post you publish today will bring some people to our blog, do that two times a week, the results will double and so on.

Also, it’s useful to write longer articles that tackle the issue thoroughly. Just saying something for the sake of doing so has no value. Your content will bring those views and shares only if it is interesting and offers useful tips and suggestions.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is another useful technique to grow your blog’s popularity. How does it work? You need to search an authority blog that is connected to your niche. Ask the owner if he or she is willing to publish some of your articles. This helps you promote your own blog indirectly.

The posts you send must be signed with your name. People will be curious to find out more about you on social media or see if you have a website or blog of your own. This can be a smart move. If you choose a known blog that generates tons of traffic, rest assured you will get your share.

Don’t be skeptical of guest posts, they can provide you with good content.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is the latest trend in digital marketing. Everyone struggles to optimize websites and blogs per basic SEO rules because it simply works. SEO is not all about keywords and interlinks, although these are some of the strongest pillars. There are plenty other rules that help you craft optimized content. One of them is making your blog post human-friendly. The text has to look and feel like it addresses people, not robots.

Your speech should flow naturally, and the content must be reinforced by relevant images. There are plenty resources online that will help you write SEO friendly blog posts. One useful tip: take it slowly and start with the easiest strategies you fully understand.

Likewise, hosting can also lead to fast results. Good hosting helps you with your on-site SEO. Before sticking to a certain provider, make sure you read the full review, to have make the best decission for yourself or your company.

Post Meaningful Comments


You might not have enough time to write on a regular basis. Nevertheless, your presence is required if you want to advertise your blog.

So, let people know you are always out there and always busy doing research. Check out the latest online magazines and forums in your niche. Read their most popular pieces and post meaningful comments. This will help you reinforce your authority, draw attention to your writing style and finally, lure people to your page.
Remember that your comments must be significant. So, come up with strong arguments and support your statements with evidence. No matter where you post, be careful you write accurately, in a logical manner, with no discontinuities.

Also, when you’re on your blog, remember to always backup your posts. There are several WordPress Backup Plugins that can help you.

Stay active in the comments and try to answer any questions your readers might have.

Promote Other People and Ask Them to Share

If you want to become a professional blogger, you need to relate to influencers. The first thing to do is finding out who are the high-authority personalities in your domain. Then, there are several ways to reach out to them.

You could write a lengthy article about their activity and ask them to share your post on their website blog or social media. This will raise awareness and trigger people’s attention. Another effective strategy is to interview them, publish your material and, again, ask them to share.

Promote Your Blog on Social Media


If you have a blog and fancy sharing your opinions, you probably also have a Facebook account. Take advantage of it and promote your articles on this platform. Always use the links that will direct visitors to your content and ask them to share or like your posts.

Other social platforms are also effective, so create accounts and start advertising your work. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, create an account on each one. They are a great mean that can boost traffic to your page and make it rank better in search results.

Clicks will come in from social networks posts which you can then further funnel and convert.

See our previous article on How to Auto Post from WordPress to Social Networks. It will show you ways of linking up social networks with your WordPress website to automatically post to social networks for you as you publish your blog post. It really works well and will definitely deliver clicks to your site.

Take these suggestions one by one and figure out which might work for you. Like any other self-made project strengthening your blog won’t happen overnight. It will require time and patience so make sure your batteries are fully charged for this long trip.

Dustin Ford is a well-respected technology writer. His articles gathered hundreds of shares in social media and a lot of comments. Although Dustin writes about almost everything related to technology, his expertise lies in protecting your website against malware and other threats. Dustin tries to explain in his web hosting reviews, as simple as possible, the advantages and the disadvantages of choosing one particular provider.

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