8 Best WordPress Plugins that you must use in 2019

WordPress is powering a major part of the web with its simple, easy, and expandable platform. Its magnanimous collection of plugins provides the ease of transforming a one-page website into a multi-regional eCommerce website.

For any business, the basic structure of its website may remain the same. The way a house foundation in common to all, but the structure varies. Similarly, you may need to mold the website according to your business requirements, but the base remains the same. For which, you need these must-have plugins to install and configure before you go further.

1. Yoast SEO

Having a website for your business is half of the journey. The other half of your journey includes marketing and promoting your website. SEO is a major part of any online marketing strategy. It starts with optimizing your website according to the norms of search engines.

Your website will appear in search only if the business keywords are covered in the overall content organically. Yoast SEO is one of the reliable tools in this regard. The basic version is free that helps you add Meta titles, description, and keywords for each page. The plugin takes you through most of the search engine ranking signals to ensure the web pages are well optimized.

2. WooCommerce

WordPress was once a Content management system. The website owners who want to turn their simple website into an eCommerce once had to go through many hurdles. WooCommerce has simplified the entire process.

Now, it requires installation of this plugin and a website gets a dedicated store section that works exactly like a webshop. Selling and buying are made easier for a simple plugin.

Why building an eCommerce website on a separate domain and platform when you can turn an already established WordPress website? WooCommerce utilizes a very similar platform. You do not have to move or migrate to any other application.

3. W3 Total Cache

Performance of a website in speed and user experience is a top priority as it leads to better SEO. WordPress caching is mandatory for any website as it saves the data for the time being to ensure the web pages load faster.

A cache is a place that stores that data and retrieves for the users. This saves time, as the data is available first hand. It is easy and fast to retrieve rather than making the domain retrieve it from the hosting server.

W3 Total Cache is a reliable application that performs the entire procedure without making errors. It helps to configure the website with the content delivery network for further improving website performance.

4. Wordfence Security

It is a freemium plugin means the basic features are free, but the advanced version has a cost. It is one of the powerful and must-have tools after building a website on WordPress. A website is open to endless threats of hacking and malware attacks. It comes with firewall protection that deters attempts access admin panel of your website and informs you when someone tries to do so.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack is a product by the maker of WordPress that is Automattic. It is mandatory if you want most of the tools in a single dashboard of your website. It has a collection of tools to secure, improve performance, optimize images, track traffic and users, and much other functionality.

The plugin is not limited to adding value to your website. In fact, it has an enticing content distribution network. It shares your website content on multiple third-party networks that results in quick indexing and ranking in search engine. All this is done automatically. You do not have to work for it.

The reason I like Jetpack the most is making your website safe from vulnerable attacks and monitoring your website server uptime. It notifies you an email as soon as the hosting server goes down. The quick update helps you take quick action and inquire the hosting provider about the issue. A server downtime matters for every website, either small or large.

6. Akismet

Akismet is also one of the reliable plugins that are available as soon as you install WordPress. It is also free to use by the makers of WordPress. It helps prevent spam comments on your business website or professional blog.

Any blog or website opens the comments section to know from its target audience. The bloggers want to know like-minded people with comments. For business owners, it is a way of interacting with their loyal customers.

The spammers are ready to misuse the opportunity any time. Akismet is there to prevent your website from all those spam comments. You will have more time reviewing and approving genuine comments.

7. All in One Schema.org Rich Snippets

Search snippet of your website shows basic information about your page. It may display only the title, description, and URL. The online stores may want to provide more information about a product or service for the ease of users.

It may include product rating, price, stock status, or any other attribute that may want the customer to know before clicking the link. This results in a higher click-through rate. The All in one schema plugin does it without any hassle. It helps you add and exhibit valuable information in rich snippets to bring more traffic and qualified leads to your website.

8. Easy Social icons

Ignoring social media when most of the youth and professionals are going most of their routine chores or smartphone is a grave mistake. This plugin helps you drive traffic from your website to social profiles to boost social exposure and outreach.

The online buyers like to follow their favorite stores, brands, manufacturers, and service provider over social media as well. They need to know what is happening around so that they can grab a product or service the day when it is launched. Utilize the icon to exhibit your social presence and improve followings.


WordPress is a popular and widely used platform that boasts a huge collection of themes and plugins. You may need to start with the plugins that are mandatory by hook and by crook, whereas any installing an addition tool solely depends on your business specific needs.

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