Benefits of Using a VPN for Your WordPress Site

WordPress and VPNs are two completely separate things you wouldn’t normally think about together. But, there are a number of benefits you can get for your WordPress (WP) site when you use a VPN to access it.

Here’s a quick look at the types of benefits you can get just from taking the simple step of using a VPN to connect to your WP website.


SEO Benefits

Doing SEO means spending a lot of time monitoring your site and seeing where you stand in the rankings and how to improve your traffic. Local SEO is a big part of that. If you want to be able to see how well you’re ranking in the areas you’re targeting, it’s helpful to be able to perform Google searches from a local server. This will give you more honest results and help you monitor the rankings realistically.

VPNs also remove the tracking and allow you to do anonymous searches. Often, search engines attach significance to your search history, cookies, and other data they’ve collected about you. This could affect the results you’re seeing, preventing you from getting a honest view of your own site in the rankings as the search engine tries to cater to what it believes you would want to see most.

From a paid ads perspective, you can also monitor paid ad slots more easily with a local VPN. Ads are highly targeted, meaning you may get served ads that are particular to you from the list of companies targeting a specific keyword. With a VPN, you will get a clearer picture of where your ads are showing up and in what order compared to other ads appearing on the same keyword searches.


Security Benefits

When you’re logging into your WordPress site, you need a secure connection. Normally, you’re probably logging into your site from a home or work internet connection that’s secured. However, if you want to log in from an unfamiliar network, such as a public wi-fi network, a VPN adds extra security to cover. Especially if your site doesn’t have HTTPS, the encryption provided by a VPN gives you a way to log into your site from any network without compromising your security.

VPNs encrypt all your data transfers. It basically acts like a secure tunnel from you to the site or service you’re accessing and keeps your data secured. Unless your computer itself or the VPN are compromised, it’s nearly impossible for anyone to intercept what you’re doing. Good VPNs use advanced encryption that would take modern computers more than a lifetime to crack.


Privacy Benefits

Whatever you’re doing through a VPN, outside parties will find it hard to snoop on your data transfers, either uploads or downloads. This is important for anyone doing a lot of research and posting content to a WP site, it’s not just for torrenting.

Arguably the more important point about privacy is keeping your client data out of reach from third parties. If you do any type of business that involves personal information collection, such as credit card numbers or home addresses, you need to make sure no one else can gain access to that information. When outside parties are snooping on you, they could gain access to private data from your customers. This has potential to ruin your reputation and make your website untrustworthy.

To protect your privacy, you don’t need a fancy customized VPN system if you’re working alone or as a small business. Larger businesses use these kinds of systems, but to start off you only need to make sure each person accessing your site from the backend is using a VPN.

Privacy is important, whether there’s any benefit to your person data or not. Using a VPN improves your internet privacy and allows you to have greater control over when and where your data is used. Installing a browsec VPN extension on your devices ensures an additional layer of security, protecting your online activities from prying eyes and unauthorized access.


Access Benefits

If you need to access applications or websites that are blocked in your location, you can connect to them through a VPN server in their local area. You’ll be able to bypass location blocking and use whichever services you need.

This is useful for a few reasons. First, you can access more websites and sources for research, monitoring, and promotion. You’ll also have greater access to tools, regardless of their country restrictions.

Geo-blocking isn’t as common in the US as in some countries, but even US IP addresses are sometime blocked out from specific apps and services online. Gain access to them by going around geo-blocking and using a VPN to mask your IP address plus other location-identifying data.


Not All VPNs Are Equal

If a VPN is starting to sound like a good idea to you, it’s time to look into which one you want to use. There are a lot of options for both free and premium VPNs, but they’re not all equally qualified to handle your data. According to in-depth study by VPN Gate, some VPNs collect data about you, others may store your data on their servers instead of just passing it through untouched, and some free VPNs are IP-blocked for a lot of services.

Make sure you’re checking out an VPN you want to use and researching it ahead of time. Don’t just sign up and hope it will do everything you need without any complications. Look into the VPN reviews, check out the company policies, read for reports about them, and so forth. Reviews are especially easy to find about every VPN brand, including VPN Gate and other lesser-known providers. Your security, privacy, and usability are at risk, so take your time setting it up.

VPNs aren’t used by everyone right now, but they probably should be used by more WP website owners. It may be a first step in the right direction to help you manage and monitor your site more effectively.

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  1. Maddy Murtaza on September 30, 2020

    Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. Most people still do not understand the important privacy and ultimately give away all their online data to ISPs and government agencies. Its imperative to use a solid VPN service like Ivacy or Express to secure your online digital footprint.

  2. Galagali P on November 8, 2019

    Privacy & Security are main concerns. VPN Gate looks good


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