Best Payment Gateways To Use With Your E-commerce Websites

E-commerce industry has become a crowded place as more players are venturing into it. Naturally, the competition is quite intense. Therefore, in order to offer an unmatched user experience to the users, several factors need to be taken care of. One of those factors that contributes immensely to the UX of an e-commerce website is the payment gateway. The users now want a seamless experience while placing an order on the online storefront.

The ease and diversity in making payment for the product purchased is of paramount importance to prevent the users from abandoning shopping midway. Moreover, the payment gateways that you choose to integrate into the e-commerce website must be certified to be secure and reliable. Also, the payment gateways must be capable of accepting payments from different methods like credit card, debit card, net banking and others.

As Payment gateway needs to be integrated into an existing e-commerce system, its API should be well documented and smooth to get integrated seamlessly and easily.

Google Wallet


Google Wallet is limited to the US as of now but there are plans to expand it to other parts of the world in near future. The users using Google Wallet can easily pay e-commerce companies. This payment gateway enables the merchants to show special offers and discounts on the website or the app. It also supports many gift cards and loyalty cards as well. The gateway has an open API and it also allows mobile banking apps to integrate with Google Wallet.



PayPal is undoubtedly one of the most preferred payment methods and several e-commerce websites and online service providers have integrated it. The transaction is quite smooth and security of the payment is one of its attributes. As PayPal is a global payment gateway provider, the business owners integrate this gateway to make a global presence for their business.

You can use the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, integrated with PayPal to build your online store and start accepting online payments through PayPal.



Paytm is an electronic wallet service provided by a company called One97, headquartered in India. It is the most popular e-wallet that is used by the Indian users and has tied up with many big names in e-commerce industry as well as other service provider like web hosting providers. There is no setup and annual charges for integration of this payment gateway and the transaction rates are also quite affordable and transparent.



The e-commerce businesses can benefit from this payment gateway as it enables them to accept payment anywhere. The payment process is simplified and additional tools are provided to boost the growth of your company. lets the e-commerce portals accept payment through credit/debit cards, e-cheque and alternative payment options. The payment gateway is fully secured and reliable.

You can use the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, integrated with to build your online store and start accepting online payments through



Payza is one of the most affordable payment gateways that let the businesses accept payments from almost 190 countries. The security features of the payment gateway are top-notch with innovative fraud prevention options. It gives you value for your money as there is no monthly or yearly fees as well no sign up charges. There is a dedicated sales team for personalized support.



2Checkout is a seasoned payment gateway provider with over 15 years of experience. It has served more than 50,000 merchants worldwide and is a PCI level1 compliant company. The e-commerce merchants can accept payments globally without being concerned about security as the gateway is equipped with superior fraud protection capabilities. The integration of 2Checkout is also quite simple with all e-commerce platforms.

You can use the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin, integrated with 2CO to build your online store and start accepting online payments through 2Checkout.

Closing Remarks

The payment process should be as secure and smooth as possible because the users need to trust the payment gateway before divulging the payment details to you. The gateways mentioned here are all verified by the competent authorities and certification providers like SSL and Verisign etc. Before you decide to choose the payment gateway, consider the diversity of target audience, nature of your product/services and popular trends.

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