Best Ways to Use WordPress (Other Than Blogging)


What are the best ways to use WordPress? Here is some insight into how you can use WordPress.

Best Ways to Use WordPress

WordPress’s versatility makes it useful for many different types of websites. Photo source: Flickr

WordPress is most well known as software for bloggers, but it has become far more than blogging software in recent years. Because of its intrinsic capabilities and the thousands of different themes and plugins available to users, it is possible to make many kinds of websites other than blogs using WordPress. Here is a roundup of the best ways to use WordPress, other than as a blog.

Best Ways to Use WordPress

1. Company Website

The New Yorker magazine, Sony Music, Xerox, and The Rolling Stones are just a few corporate entities using WordPress for the websites that represent them to the public. Some advantages of using WordPress as a company website are the ability to set up static pages, incorporate audio and video into the site, and add image galleries or slideshows to convey visuals on your site.

Compared to other types of website coding, WordPress software is easy to use for beginners and experts alike, making it a favorite of many web designers and IT personnel. Tribulant’s Newsletter Plugin, FAQ Plugin, Lightbox Plugin (for image galleries), and free Slideshow Gallery Plugin all offer ways to customise company websites and add quality content.

2. Ecommerce Site

Setting up an Ecommerce site is typically either highly complex or expensive or both, depending on who does the coding. WordPress makes it easy to set up an ecommerce site with shopping cart plugins that offer varying levels of customisation and detail. Tribulant’s Shopping Cart Plugin offers the ability to accept almost any form of payment safely as well as converting to various international currencies and translating copy into different languages.

3. Posting Site

If you want to make a site that accepts postings from others, various WordPress plugins can help. Turn your site into a job board with JobPress, a forum with BuddyPress, or a classifieds site with Classipress. Posting website owners typically build a following, then monetize their sites with ads and sometimes products. Besides our shopping cart plugin, Tribulant also offers a Banner Rotator Plugin to accept ads on your site easily.


Tribulant’s plugins are so easy to use that even those without coding skills can use it. Photo source: Flickr

4. Portfolio Site for Freelancers

Tribulant’s Lightbox and Slideshow Gallery Plugins can help showcase your talent for prospective clients and customers so you can get your name out there. Our Tribulant’s Newsletter Plugin also helps fans and clients keep up with your latest news easily so they won’t forget about you when a good opportunity arises.

5. Membership site

For specialized content that readers value enough to pay for, a membership site can use a shopping cart plugin like Tribulant’s to collect payments with ease. Some membership sites also use banner ads with free content, so Tribulant’s Banner Plugin could also be helpful here. The Newsletter Plugin could be used to help with marketing as well as the Popup Plugin to capture email addresses.

6. Social network

The BuddyPress plugin mentioned above also works to transform any WordPress site into your own private (or public) social network. There are also plugins available that mimic Digg and Twitter. Like other types of sites, some of Tribulant’s plugins including the Newsletter, Popup, and Banner Plugins can be used to market and monetize the site once it is published.

For many of the above sites, the Tribulant WordPress Plugin Bundle provides some of the most popular plugins in one package, with significant cost savings. All of Tribulant’s plugins are highly customisable, and satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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