Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

Here is a list of the best WordPress advertising plugins.


WordPress sites have taken an internet by storm. People have started blogging and have made many other types of sites like E-commerce, business, online stores etc. on WordPress, and are running them successfully in the current scenario. However, no matter what sort of site one has, they depend on advertisements for their monetary gains. Those of you who are familiar with WordPress sites have experience that it does not provide add advertising in a very smooth or easy manner. You must have shifted and adjusted ads many times to keep them in the proper place so that they do not hide the main content of your site.

People had their share of struggles while searching and putting into use the best advertising plugins for WordPress. After researching and digging the surface, we have compiled a list of WordPress plugins for advertising so that you do not have to put yourself in the situation where you have to give a lot of time to find the right type of WordPress plugins for your WordPress site. Go through the suggestions given below and then you can choose which one you would like to choose for your site.


Best WordPress Advertising Plugins

1)   Advanced Ads

Advanced ads have all the features which a simple advertisement plugin should provide to adjust the ads on your site. A little limitation here is that some of its special features are available only for pro version. You can have unlimited ads to keep in the display for your site, group ads with rotation process, schedule adds are available in the free version are some of the facilities provided by this platform. Also, this platform does not support Google AMP. The highlighted features of the pro version of this platform include caching plugins support, stat tracking, sticky and floating ads etc.


2)   Ads Pro Plugin

The feature that differentiates Ads Pro plugin from other similar platforms is that it offers to sell ad space directly to the third party. The other features which are not offered by similar WordPress plugins for advertisement include corner peel ads and video background ads. The mentioned two services increase the great visibility of the ads being displayed. The targeting options which are catered here are geolocation, specific devices targeting, user sessions and WordPress tags. It also gives the facility of 3 billing models for selling ads i.e. (CPC, CPM, CPD). If you want to sell your ads directly to a third party, then this platform is most suitable for you.


3)   Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is one of the most common names in this arena. It is used by the considerable amount of users and presently boasts of more than 40000 installs. It supports inserting ad or HTML/JavaScript/PHP code into WordPress. Two versions are available for this platform name, free version and a premium version. Ad Inserter allows Adsense, Affiliate Ads etc. This means it offers a massive variety of ads that can be inserted into your site. The one highlighting feature of this plugin is that you can insert an add anywhere in your post. It completely depends on the owner where he wants to set the ads to be displayed in his post. If the site owner wants to exclude the posts where he does not want ads to be displayed, this also can be done using Ad Inserter. The common features include 16 code blocks, syntax highlighting editor, code preview, manual insertion of widgets etc.


4)   Wp-Insert

This is another name in the WordPress plugins for advertisements that are optimized for Google Adsense. Presently, it is having a whopping 30000 plus active installs. It is not just a simple plugin but also does tasks like managing Google Analytics tracking codes, shows legal notices and more. Wp-Insert supports PayPal, WooCommerce, has many ways of displaying your ads, filters on tags and categories are some other services which Wp-Insert caters to.


5)   AdSanity

AdSanity is ranked among one of the most preferred plugins for WordPress for beginners. By making use of widgets and ad inserter, the owner can place the ads at any place in the posts in an easy manner without inserting and applying codes. The adds that are supported by this platform are external add network like Google Adsense and hosted ads (both). The amazing features of AdSanity are the ad schedule; insert the single ad or ad group, view stats and more. With the ease and freedom of adding as many ads as you want, you can also block unnecessary ads using ad-blocks in the posts you want. This gives the ease of optimizing ad performance without dealing with the themes of the WordPress files.


6)   OIO Publisher

OIO is another plugin for WordPress powered websites where you can sell ads without bringing the middleman in process. This platform offers services for creating ad zones of varied sizes. You can select the number of ads you want to show in each zone, rotation factor and much more. Generally, it is simple to use but at some placement, the need may arise of editing WordPress theme files for placing the ad zone codes.


7)   Quick Adsense

It is free of cost WordPress plugin and is used to display any kind of ad. The add type can be hosted or third party or any other type. The setup settings are very easy using which a user can manage codes and opt how and where ads should be displayed on your WordPress powered site. It also consists of customs widgets. The limitation of this platform is that you can only save at maximum 10 codes at a time. It is recommended for beginners and for sites which do not require lots and lots of adds to be displayed.

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