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With the ongoing surge in a number of web attacks in past few years, website owners and digital marketers are compelled to get acquainted with a foolproof security system to prevent their web solutions from any kind of threat.

Creating a backup of the system on a regular basis has not only become the necessity but it is the driving force that keeps all the running websites safe and future-proof in the long run. Creating backup manually can be tedious and error-prone resulting in more data loss. However, to ease the process, there are numerous backup plugins available online that are built to simplify the process of creating backups of WordPress sites.

It is extremely important to have regular backups of your WordPress website.

Having a backup of your WordPress site helps in maintaining the processes on your system at any given point of time. So it is highly important to have it done in the best possible manner, either by using a plugin or taking assistance from professional WordPress developer.

Rules While Creating a Backup of WordPress

Doesn’t matter if you are a senior, expert developer or a newbie, there are few common guidelines to be followed while heading on for creating a backup of your WordPress site:

  • Make sure you have created the backup of site’s database prior to installing any new updates.
  • Regulate the backup schedule according to your site’s functionality.
  • Keeping backup on your mail, hard drive and an external storage device is important.
  • Filter and keep the plugins that are actually useful to your site or else it can bloat your backup files.
  • Continue with the manual backup whenever possible.

Follow these rules and ensure a foolproof security to your data, leaving aside the worries of losing it. Now let’s have a look at some popular WordPress backup plugins that are commonly used by WordPress developers and site authors these days.

Use a simple yet effective plan to backup your WordPress website.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Here are some of the best backup plugins for WordPress:



BackupBuddy is a powerful WordPress backup plugin introduced by iThemes offering comprehensive backup features. This plugin supports a variety of sources for backup, including hard drives, FTPs, emails, DropBox, etc. Moreover, the push button solutions help in creating the backup more quickly and easily.
However, to get benefited with this plugin, you need to shell some money as it is a premium feature plugin. The annual costing plan for using this plugin goes like this: 80$ for 2 sites, 100$ for 10 sites, 150$ for unlimited sites.

You can upgrade to the BackupBuddy Gold for getting exclusive unlimited sites backup, for receiving timely updates and uninterrupted support for 365days at just $297.



Just like BackupBuddy, this premium plugin offers a set of features for creating backups to your Dropbox, FTPs,email, Google Drive, etc. But UpdraftPlus is different and popular than BackupBuddy plugin for its added support to Google Drive, OpenStack and other solutions. This plugin offers database encryption feature to provide an added level of security. Moreover, you can create a backup of large files by splitting it into several archives. Creating archives helps in the swift and smooth backup of the WordPress files.

As known, these premium plugins offer some exclusive set of features; similarly, UpdraftPlus proffers functions like automatic backups, reporting, minimum to no advertisements, etc. The annual plan for this premium plugin ranges between $60 to $125.



This free WordPress backup plugin is easy to use and can be used to create backup absolutely free. Using this plugin, you can easily create the backup to your email, FTP, hard drive, etc. along with an added support to cloud storage such as Dropbox and Rackspace. BackWPup allows you to schedule automatic backups, restore and upgrade to BackWPup Pro (for an added support).

WordPress Backup to Dropbox


Last but not least, WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a free plugin that helps in creating an automatic backup of your entire WordPress site seamlessly into the Dropbox. The intuitive interface of this plugin helps in regulating a cycle for backing up your data on regular intervals. To best utilize this plugin you need to create a Dropbox account wherein you can save all your data. Dropbox in itself is a free service that allows you to share and save photos, videos, files, etc.



Duplicator is a free backup plugin that not only creates backup for your data but can also duplicates the WordPress site. No wonder this powerful backup plugin can efficiently help in securing the data. Additionally, this plugin gives you the options to copy, migrate and even clone the whole site from one destination to another.


Make backups of your WordPress website. You won’t know that you need it until the day you really do need it. Simple as that.

Plugins like these are specifically introduced to simplify and create a fail-safe process of creating the backup to your WordPress site. And to get maximum out of these, you must get the professional assistance of experienced WordPress developers who can skillfully utilize the features of these plugins to get the best for your WordPress site.

Author Bio: David Meyer is a senior WordPress developer working with CSSChopper for last 8 years. The company offers inexpensive yet qualitative PSD to WordPress conversion services globally. The author is an avid blogger who spends most of his time writing blogs on popular tech topics. If he is not coding or writing, you can find him cooking some Italian or Chinese.

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