Can You Build a Secure Website on WordPress for Your Business?

There is a constant question that most business owners ask companies when it comes to the use of WordPress for their organizational needs – Is WordPress secure? The short answer to this question is Yes. The following are the reasons that experts lay down when it comes to the safety and security of using WordPress for your unique business needs.

Open source versus closed source content management system – if you examine WordPress you will find that it is an open source content management system. That means that web developers can access source codes and make improvements to the platform. The benefit here is that WordPress has an extensive developer community that is always working on making improvements to the platform. That means the professionals here can identify bugs quickly and they can use plugins for a large number of tasks. If there are security issues, they can be fixed promptly by this devoted developer community. However, when you are creating any business to business website for your organization, it is essential for you to ask extra questions that will impact the security of your site.


1. Secure Hosting

When it comes to the hosting of your website, this too can have a significant impact on your business and the security of your site. Experts say that you should always bank on a hosting brand that specializes in WordPress websites so that you can get the best of security and speed for your site. There are some questions that you must ask your hosting company before you bank on them for your website:

  • Will your hosting company give you malware scanning?
  • Will it focus on WordPress?
  • Does it give you active restore and backup tools?
  • Will it give you extra security tools like limited attempts for login?

With the aid of a suitable hosting service provider, you can get the answer to all the above questions. They will also have practical strategies for you to use when it comes to improving the security of your business website.


2. Security Policies

When it comes to protecting your website from cyber threats, it is imperative for you to check organizational policies that protect you from cyber threats.

Remember that you are living in a digital age and many cyber threats are around the corner if you are not careful. Web experts like Tayloright say that you must ensure that there are things that your company should do when it comes to an organizational level so that you efficiently can get better security for your business. Some of the suggestions that they give are that you should always have a secure password for all the information systems that you use and this also covers WordPress.

It implies you must create a policy in your organization where all passwords should include symbols, capital letters, and numbers. It will keep hackers at bay. Most of them often try to hack into your system with auto fills and most of them can guess the password that is used by your internal staff. You must tell your team to use passwords that are unique so that they are not stolen.


3. Two-factor authentications

It is critical for you to use the two-factor authentication for your business website, and WordPress offers the same feature. If you have a two-factor authentication, hackers will not be able to break into your account quickly.


4. Management of user accounts

It is imperative for you to manage user accounts well. You never know when your managers or even your employees might leave or also get terminated. It is essential for you to ensure that you have the scope to terminate these accounts once the person leaves or gets fired.


5. Limit the access to your website

Remember that not everyone needs to have access to your site and you do not have to limit this access to the IT department of your company. It is crucial for you to be thoughtful and ensure that you give a user access to only a limited number of users in your organization. Just provide access to the users that will update your website to enhance that it is performing well without hassles at all.


With the aid of a WordPress website, you can ensure that your business is safe and secure. Remember to make frequent and necessary updates to your site so that it functions well. Depend on people that know WordPress well when you are creating your website for your business. WordPress is a safe and secure CMS, and you do not have to fear from cyber threats and hackers once you bank on it and follow the above tips!

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