Common WordPress Errors and Problems and How to Solve Them

WordPress has been very useful as a tool for eCommerce since the beginning. Although it is easy to use, it is not flawless. Your site can get some WordPress errors and problems that might result either by the fault of the users or software host. Such errors are scary but luckily are usually easy to fix since they are issues which someone before you encountered, reported and was provided a solution. Below is a list of 8 most common WordPress errors and problems which you are likely to encounter and how to solve them.

Error establishing a database connection

It is easy to diagnose this error because of the displayed issue. It means that your site has lost connection with the database through the PHP commands. Incorrect modification or feeding of database credentials, unresponsive, corrupted or hacked site can cause this situation.

How to solve: Ensure your database login credentials are correct by accessing the wp-config.P HP file through the FTP then correct the detail that is wrongly entered. Contact your web host in cases where the WordPress error is due to an unresponsive database. If this error occurred because of hacking attack, clean your website by scanning it with a security tool then change your login credentials.

White Screen of Death (WSOD)

This is the WordPress error version for the BSOD error experienced by Windows users. It is annoying because it does not display a message on your screen to help you to pinpoint the cause but only shows a plain white screen.

How to solve: You can add the maximum memory available for PHP. Try disabling all the plugins then enabling each of them to find which of them is causing the issue and remove it. Eliminate it by using the WordPress default theme. If the error persists, troubleshoot it by enabling WordPress debugging mode and the error will display on the page where you can now solve it.

Unavailable for scheduled maintenance error

A temporary .maintenance file is created when you are upgrading your WordPress. The error arises if a visitor or admin tries to log in to your website when the .maintenance file is unfinished or its upgrading process was interrupted causing it to get stuck on that error message.

How to solve: Remove the .maintenance file from the WordPress directory by using the FTP program.

Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server Error

The error text tells when your server has an improperly identified issue.

Solution:-Increase the WordPress memory limit. You can change the name of .htaaccess file and make it .htaccess-old or something else. Consider disabling all your plugins and enabling all of them or substitute your wp-admin or the wp-includes folders with up-to-date versions from WordPress install. WordPress specialist Andy Groove, who have set up dozens of sites dedicated to sport claims, that there are no unmanageable issues on WordPress, everything can be solved if act right and quickly.

Connection Time Out

This error occurs when your site’s server is too overcrowded to complete your users’ requests.

How to cure: – You can raise the maximum memory available for PHP. Try deactivating and activating your plugins one by one or use a WordPress default theme. If the error doesn’t go away, contact your WordPress host to upgrade your hosting plan.

404 Page Error

If you run into this error, it’s probably because your WordPress has issues with permalink settings or .htaccess.

How to fix: Reset your permalink by saving the page properly or renaming the .htaccess.

The sidebar below content error in WordPress

This error is mostly caused by a WordPress theme where the sidebar does not appear together with the pages, posts and media elements.

Solution: Revert the theme files to the previous state. You can also check out if you can properly open and close div tags. Try also correcting the margin in CSS.

Parse or Syntax Error in WordPress

This error mostly happens when there is an issue with the functions.php file. The message displayed indicates the nature of the problem and its location.

How to solve: Fix the error because it specifically tells you at which line it is located or remove the code involved.


WordPress is a powerful asset for any website. Although it usually runs smoothly, it has some flaws just like any other technology. Encountering one or two of these WordPress errors should not cause you to panic anymore because you now have the know-how on fixing them by yourself. It is also not a bad idea to contact your WordPress host if none of your troubleshooting techniques makes the error disappear.

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