Considerations Before Starting With WordPress

Things to Consider Before Starting With WordPress as Your CMS 

Businesses looking for increased visibility and improved marketing should consider having a website. A website is key in brand awareness, as it increases engagement with existing and prospective customers and drives revenue. The fruits of a good website are determined by the Content Management System you choose. Today, WordPress is among the most widely used CMS.

Choosing the right CMS will help you to avoid being vulnerable to breaches and also using too much money than you need on websites. As you choose WordPress as your CMS, consider the following points.

1. Features

WordPress Features

The strength of any CMS is determined by its functionality, ease of use and features. Do the features in the CMS meet the needs of your company, or do you have to acquire more features elsewhere at an extra cost? WordPress provides all the basic features that you need and also gives you an option of integrating third party interface on the site.

Different digital marketing technologies such as marketing automation, CRM, Social media management among others are required when running a website in the market place today. To meet your sales and marketing goals, you can use your website as a tool through the use of landing pages, ecommerce features and call to action. It is therefore important to choose a CRM that will provide these capabilities for you such as WordPress. Your choice should be determined by whether you need a Content Management system that focuses on third party integration or one that ecommerce and digital marketing are native to the site.

A good CMS should provide real time intelligence on user activity on the site; this information will help you know which content is appropriate for visitors at specific time depending on their action on the site. You can use the information to offer a buying incentive or serve different content to the visitor.

2. Flexible Design

WordPress Flexible Design

Websites with unique designs stand out from the rest. Consider choosing a WordPress theme that is unique to your site; a WordPress theme development company can help you. This is only possible if the platform allows you to customise its current template system. WordPress allows you to integrate your creativity and uniqueness to create a site that represents your brand as you would want.

In this mobile first world, you need a platform that supports mobile designs. Most people find it easier to access the web using their smartphone. If your site is not mobile friendly, then you will lose out on many prospects and customers. For improved user experience, WordPress upgrades its site on a continuous basis adding more functionality, fixes bugs and improves performance.

3. Ease Of Use

WordPress offers you a balance between ease of use and functionality. A good website needs to have all the features that you need to successfully run and meet your goals for the business. A good web application development should allow you to create and share data and content across multiple channels. The site should be such that, anyone in the organization be it the developer, third party agency, or IT support can update the content with ease. WordPress offers plugins for increased functionality. WordPress plugin development can also be customized to suit the needs of the business.

4. Infrastructure

WordPress Infrastructure

The needs of your business come first before the cost of the CMS. Think about your bandwidth and traffic before considering the content management system for your website. Choose a platform that runs on both Linux and Windows to avoid hosting complications. A good platform takes little time to install, set up and configure a website. The pages load fast faster and the CMS renders content quickly.

Choose an expert in web development to help you install, run and maintain your site. WordPress has gained popularity due to its great features that suite different business.

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