Favorable Reasons To Choose WordPress To Build Your Mobile App

Why you should choose WordPress to build your mobile app.

WordPress is a major preference of every web developer and now, this advanced CMS is getting popular for mobile app development as well. Using WordPress to build a mobile app might be a new concept for many but undoubtedly, it has been considered as the best tool to achieve a successful mobile app with awesome features & high performance. You must know the fact that customers are repeatedly switching to the mobile versions of your website and therefore, WordPress mobile app development supports better user engagement on your performance-driven mobile application.

WordPress facilitates developers with a bundle of updated plugins & services that make the process of mobile app development easier and convenient for them. And that is why, the app creators consider this tool as an affordable & favorable option for app development. Here are some benefits of using WordPress mobile app for your business:

  • Widened content reach- You can easily engage & inform your audience using an impactful WordPress mobile app that comprises effective content.Accessibility in offline mode- The advanced CMS enables offline usability of your mobile app. It means that users can access your app’s content even in the absence of stable network connection.
  • Push notifications for customers support- You can never take risks to lose your customers in any way as many times they ignore important emails from your service desks. That’s your responsibility to reach out to them with push notifications & inform them instantly about discounts, offers, seasonal sales, and new products or services.
  • Device compatibility- Your WordPress mobile app will allow users to utilize the features of their devices & enjoy uninterrupted accessibility to various features of the app.

Now, it is clear that WordPress mobile app plays a vital role to boost your business in many ways. This clearly indicates that you must also try your hands in WordPress mobile app development as its process serves some fruitful advantages that are described below:

Database management for Back-end

WordPress offers a large count of benefits to architect your app’s design. Make it clear that while working with WordPress for mobile app development, you don’t need to redefine a content management system for it. You can freely use & structure WordPress posts & pages to add on any content of different type.

The next big thing is that before heading towards the process of building your own custom system for data management, you must consider the WordPress mobile app development plugins even if you want to make use of separate table or custom post types. Remember that choosing a right framework will save precious hours that mobile app development process usually consumes.

Content Management

Undoubtedly, easy update of your app’s content & its database are the major advantages of using WordPress for mobile app development. Many business owners aspire to use their existing website’s content on their mobile app and positively, WordPress will reduce your efforts in this context. You don’t need to recreate CMS for your new mobile app as you have to emphasize on your app’s front-end for content management.

Building API becomes easier

You definitely need to generate API i.e Application Protocol Interface that offers your app’s integration with other web services. So, it is clear that creating API is very important for your app and you can simply generate it by either by using JetPack’s JSON API or WP-API.

WordPress themes are flexible

WordPress themes go well with mobile app development specifically when you are using MVC i.e Model View Controller framework to build a high-performing mobile app that compels its prominent users. When to comes WordPress for mobile app development, you can conveniently use JavaScript MVC framework that comprises Backbone, React, & Angular.

Choosing WordPress is beneficial as you hold your app’s control & you can manage its database, change its theme, & send push notifications for any update or take the control from your developer.

Wrapping it up!

WordPress has introduced innumerable benefits & options to create fully functional web & mobile apps. That’s why, more & more developers choose WordPress to create feature-rich mobile apps to deliver the amazing user experience to the users. Knowing the importance of mobile-friendly platforms, various small & large scale businesses aspire to transform their user-friendly WordPress website in the form of mobile responsive applications. So, WordPress is a favorable & affordable option if you want to build a high-performing mobile app for numerous platforms.


Ashni Sharma is a mobile app developer at AppsChopper. Her competency in app development and flair in writing inspire her to share knowledge through informative blogs & articles. The above blog post includes must-known advantages of using WordPress for mobile app development.

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