How Can WordPress Make Writers Life Easier?

Writing is a lucrative business when you know how to position yourself in this digital era and economy. Blogging is a key element for a serious writing entrepreneur. Your writing blog will help you stand out in the industry. Having a blog improves your exposure by helping your prospects find you faster. Bloggers also use their previous publications as a portfolio when seeking clients to eliminate the need to send numerous samples.

We know that WordPress is a robust blogging platform powering millions of websites globally. In fact, WordPress alone covers more than 30% of the total published websites. In this post, we will see how to achieve your dream with WordPress for writers. These WordPress tips will help you to go to a higher limit with your freelance writing career.


WordPress Blogging Basics:

Many people are afraid of setting up their own websites or blogs for their writing career. The majority of the group fear that they have no coding knowledge. But guess what? You can start using WordPress without any technical knowledge. All you need is to install and do a few fine-tunings and start posting your content.

The reason why many people use WordPress for their business is that it offers room for customization and is quite easy to learn. Writers like it because it is almost plug-and-play. Within less than 30 minutes, you are ready to start writing with WordPress. This makes your life easier.

To set up a WordPress website for your business, you simply need to register your domain from any registrar, get a hosting account, and install WordPress. Many modern web hosting companies offer a one-click install for WordPress. You do not need to do any complicated steps to have your blog ready.

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose WordPress for your writing career.


1. WordPress for Writers is Simple:

I have been writing for more than 8 years. I have posted on many websites built on various platforms. To be sincere, bloggers using WordPress have the easiest route. From installing the software to the site configuration and creating your posts, WordPress is straightforward.

WordPress is built to be simple for writing entrepreneurs and bloggers. You do not have to be a tech expert to use WordPress for your business. With the dashboard, you can manipulate how your website or blog works and make your posts. The WYSIWYG text editor allows you to format, add media, links, etc., without the need to know even simple HTML.


2. WordPress is a Complete Business Solution:

Do you want a way to transform your knowledge, idea, or career to the next level and make it a thriving business? WordPress offers you the solution you need. Its distinctive features allow you to create an entrepreneur website to showcase your brand while still maintaining the simple look for both your readers and you as a publisher.

Many writers like presenting their brand as a business instead of bloggers. You can, however, create a robust business website with WordPress and still have a blog without having to add another software. The complete solution caters for all your needs.

When creating the pages that present parts of your business, you simply need to “create a new page” from the WordPress dashboard.When you “create a post”, you will be ready to publish the blog posts that will directly reflect under the “blog page” you select in the settings section.


3. WordPress is Extendable and Flexible:

Do you want to make your business unique? WordPress plugins for writer help you to create a unique website to handle the various tasks as you wish. Some of the plugins you need can transform WordPress from a simple website to a client handling platform.

With this feature, you can have many clients sign up on your website, make their orders right on the system, and pay you online. The system will also allow communication with the client and uploading and downloading the files. Some other WordPress plugins for writer help you to write better on your website and to rank your blog for SEO.


Whenever you want to change the appearance of your blog, WordPress themes will serve you. Various themes were developed for distinct purposes on the platform. You need to choose a theme that best suits your needs. For many prospects, a poorly structured website indicates that the business owner is not really into business.

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