How can WordPress plugins help to improve UX for website readers?

Just imagine that you’re a blogger in a renowned WordPress web development company.

As a blogger, you might be conducting the below 3 activities regularly:

  • Writing and publishing top-quality content
  • Promoting the content on social media platforms for backlink generation
  • Respond to emails and comments that you receive from your readers.

But, in these regular aspects that you’re supposed to conduct, you forget a key component to building a loyal audience base.


And that ensures a great user experience (UX) for your readers.

To achieve this, you need to dive inside your website analytics and understand your user behaviour to streamline their journey towards the blog.

So, what do you think? Does investing time and resources make sense to improve the user experience (UX) of a content-powered website?

YES, indeed, it’s worth investing!

  • About 38% of the people will stop interacting with your website if the content layout is improper or unattractive.
  • If given 15 minutes to go through the content, about 65% of the people would prefer reading something beautifully designed rather than plain text.
  • It just takes mere 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website whether they will stay or leave your website.

Designing exceptional UX is not as simple as a walk in the park. It starts with “knowing your user.” Sounds simple. But, it is not. To know your user, you need to dig deep inside to solve real-world problems.

This article will help you improve your WordPress blog’s user experience, wherein I’ll be going beyond your typical SEO plugins like Yoast to reach a whole new level. Though I can’t promise to fix you every usability issue, I will surely help you to improve some common problems found on most WordPress sites.


So, are you ready?

Let’s get started with WordPress plugin #1.


  1. Add estimated reading time with Reading Time WP

One of the best ways to help people understand how much time they need to invest in a post is to add an estimated reading time number in your post.

For example, you can tell people that this particular post will take around 7 minutes to read, which might prompt users to either save it for later reading if they have just a 5 minutes tea break.

One of the simplest ways to add reading time with your post is with the Free Reading Time WP plugin that will auto-add the read time at the top of your post.

You can even use the Free Read Meter Plugin that will add both time and reading progress bar to your post.


  1. Improve WP Performance with WP Rocket

One of the most important but often underlooked aspects of the user experience is how quickly your WordPress website loads. If your site takes more than fewer seconds to load, you will lose your visitor forever.

To boost up your website performance, you can make use of a caching or performance booster plugin. One of the best and most premium options here is WP Rocket. It starts at $50, and it is very easy to implement best speed practices.


  1. Improve customer satisfaction with live support chat

One of the most effective ways to leverage customer satisfaction is live chat.

The latest research states that almost 73% of the customer has the highest satisfaction level with live chat. It is more effective as compared to other forms of customer service options, including phone and email.

WP Live Chat support offers free support to small business to chat with their visitors for free. Users can drag the live chat box around the page and can initiate an unlimited chat with the admin or the concerned person for free of cost.

If you’re not available, you can also drop a message to your visitors.


  1. Find the broken link of your website with a broken link checker.

Broken links are an unpleasant experience for your users, especially those broken internal links. Your visitors clicked on that link because they wanted to view that content, but they encounter an error page due to a broken link. These links prove to be a bad impression of SEO.

So, to fix those links on WordPress, you can make use of Free Broken Link Checker Plugin. Once this plugin is installed, it will automatically detect all the broken links of your site and leave a room for you to fix them.

I would recommend you not to keep this WordPress plugin activated on your site since it will consume many of your resources. Instead, you can install, find broken links, and deactivate it. When you have time to check for broken links, reactivate it again.


  1. Improve your WordPress search results with SearchWP

If your visitors rely heavily on your site’s search bar, they may end up getting frustrated since WordPress doesn’t have a strong search system.

To fix that, you can use a WordPress search plugin like SearchWP Plugin that gives you multiple options to boost the site’s search functionality. It will also help you to add Ajax Live search that shows live search suggestions as user types.


While most of the plugins won’t make that huge difference in your WordPress website, they all improve your website user experience in small ways. I hope these plugins will at least enhance your WordPress Website user experience by 50% and will help you gain more traffic to your website. You can also browse some of the most robust and premium WordPress plugins here.

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