How to Brainstorm New WordPress Plugin Ideas

In the book of Ecclesiastes, the author complains about the monotony of life and concludes that there is no new thing under the sun. This thought can be daunting, especially when you are trying to brainstorm an idea for the next WordPress plugin.

There are over 54,000 plugins in the World Wide Web. This figure may cause you to feel as if all the brilliant ideas are already taken, but, they are not. As such, you do not need to despair. We all have unique minds and are capable of coming up with exceptional ideas.

We at CustomEssayOrderhave concocted a list of tips on how you can brainstorm plugin ideas. Read on to discover how these WordPress Ideas can make your next blog post a hit.

1. Think about What You Want to Achieve and Set Goals that Will Expedite Your Progress

When you sit down to create a plugin, we are sure that you want success, praises, and riches.

Savvy developers can attest that building a career out of developing new technology is no easy task. The success of a product is not restricted to an inventive idea. The initial idea only makes up a small fraction of the entire process.

Before you determine what you want to create, you need to think about what you want to achieve. As a developer, it is safe to believe that you want to create one of the coolest WordPress plugins. It is also safe to assume that you want to create a plugin that generates an attractive amount of revenue.

Alongside these apparent goals, you should also strive to tweak your technical skills. Create something unique that will set you apart from the rest. Use technology to create something innovative.

Start by jotting down the personal goals that will make developing your new plugin worthwhile. When you begin by jotting down the goals of creating something new, you get:

  • A sense of accomplishment,
  • You ensure that you see the project through to completion, and
  • You dedicate your best efforts to the project.

To create a successful plugin, you have to do other things apart from coming up with a brilliant idea. You need to ensure that you complete the entire process and create something novel.

2. Generate New Plugin Ideas by Researching Current Trends

Ensure that you immerse yourself in the culture of your existing and potential audience by following popular tech blogs such as

  • Mashable,
  • ZDNet,
  • GigaOM,
  • Gizmodo,
  • The Next Web
  • How-To Geek, and
  • TechCrunch.

Tech news has a plethora of new stories that range from SEO optimization to stories on security. Tech news serves as a reflection of what is on users’ minds. It also gives you insight into what users might prioritize in the future. Experts from custom essay writing service state that this search is crucial in keeping you updated with trends. This search also helps you think like your users.

Check out poplar plugins and examine what they are trying to achieve. For instance, SEO plugins serve as platforms through which users can find an audience. Spam-reduction plugins provide increased security, as well as authentic content. Look at WordPress plugin examples to discover ways through which you can help users achieve these goals.

Always keep tabs on emerging technology. You can use Alexa to track the online activity of users and to monitor which services and websites are growing in popularity. When you keep an eye on popular plugins, you can be in a better position to make adaptable technology.

For instance:

  • A rise in the popularity of tablets and Smartphones goaded the creation of plugins to aid in formatting WordPress content for mobile.
  • Twitter helped develop link-shorteners.
  • Facebook birthed the popularity of social sharing plugins.

Take note of emerging services. This will help you determine the kinds of plugins you need to create to make services easier for users.

3. Always Keep SEO in Mind

According to, SEO is ever-evolving in ways that we could not imagine when this technique was first introduced. As such, a vital component of the web industry, SEO, is an endless pool of possibilities for new kinds of plugins that can improve the implementation of SEO methods.

4.Improve Existing Products

You should research existing products to see how you can improve them. Find out what users want, value, and what is not working for them. Information from your research can help you get an idea for a related plugin. Further, you can also better understand the needs and wants of users.

Researching existing products can also give you inspiration. Read various plugin reviews to determine where users are having difficulties with existing products. Are you able to fix the problems users have with existing products? Even though you do not agree with users’ reviews of these plugins, you can:

  • Better understand how users use plugins,
  • What they expect from plugins, and
  • Where the plugins fall short.

5. Discussions and Forums

Speak with your fellow developers. This can spark plugin ideas that can revolutionize the online world. Some of the topics discussed in online forums can give you clear signals about the most pressing issues which you can take an interest in. Further, when you participate in discussions and forums, you can meet a fellow developer that can help you with WordPress plugins development.

6. There is a Host of Plugin Ideas that You Can Develop

Great plugin ideas are all over the World Wide Web. Once you start looking for them, you will discover that they are right at your disposal. You can discover ideas by:

  • Thinking about what you want,
  • Researching current trends,
  • Keeping SEO in mind,
  • Improving existing products, and
  • Participating in discussions and forums.

Focus on ideas that suit your interests and personal goals, and you will be able to complete them in an effective manner.


Finding inspiration in the modern world may seem like a difficult task. But, with the advancement of new technologies, the demand for new software solutions is on the rise. There is a large variety of new ideas on the internet. All you need to do is search for your ideas in the right places. Implement the above tips into your practices, and you will discover that brainstorming for new plugin ideas is not as difficult as you may think.

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