How to Create Phone Call & Text Links


You can make it easy for users to call you or text you directly from your website.

Why Create Clickable Call Links?

In the past, phone numbers on a website would be static and a person would then type it into their phone from the screen of their computer.

These days though, many users are browsing the internet on their smartphones where they can call from and many phone/computer combinations allow you to dial your phone in your pocket directly from your computer.

In addition to that, apps such as Skype make it possible to make phone calls and send text messages from your smartphone or computer as well.

Make it possible for users to click phone numbers to call from your webpage.

How to Create Clickable Call or Text Link

Both these are created using a regular HTML link with a specific link protocol to tell the browser what action to execute or software to open. They are very similar.

Phone Call Link

For a phone call, you’ll use the tel: protocol in HTML eg:

<a href="tel:123-456-789-0">Call Us Now</a>

This link will start a phone call to the number specified.

SMS Text Link

For initiating a text, you’ll use the sms: protocol such as this:

<a href="sms:123-456-789-0">Message Us Now</a>

This link will open the messaging app on your device to send a text/SMS message.


Using These Links on Your Website

There are various ways that you can use these links on your website.

Insert Into a WordPress Post/Page

Let’s insert a clickable phone number into a contact page.

While creating/editing your contact page, go into TEXT mode of the editor where you can type/paste your link with the protocol as needed.

clickable call link in wordpress post page

Insert Into WordPress Theme Header

Most WordPress themes use a file named header.php as it’s header output. Few themes work differently so you’ll need to check but in principle, open your WordPress theme’s header.php file where you’ll type/paste your link where you want it to appear.

clickable call link in wordpress theme header

WordPress Plugins for Call/Text/etc Links

Here are some useful WordPress plugins to help you achieve the task:

Other Clickable Call to Action Links

Here are some other useful links that you can use on your website:

Skype Call Link

<a href="skype:-skypename-?call">Call me on Skype</a>

Skype Text Chat Link

<a href="skype:-skypename-?chat">Chat on Skype</a>

Fax Link

<a href="fax:123-456-789-0">Send a Fax</a>

Email Link

<a href="">Send an Email</a>

WordPress Plugins

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