How To Enhance Your WordPress Website

There are around 75,000,000 WordPress websites on the internet. That’s a lot of people using WordPress! The thing is, it’s not really surprising that WordPress is so popular because it offers so many great features.

With WordPress, you don’t have to have professional computer skills to build a professional looking website. However, just because WordPress makes it easy to make a professional website, doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of pitfalls you can fall into.

The vast majority of those 75,000,000 websites don’t make enough use of the tools that are available to them and leave plenty of space for optimisation.

If you feel like your WordPress website is in need of some enhancement, then here are some of the best places to start.


First things first, your website has to work! There’s no surer way to frustrate a customer than to make them use a website that doesn’t work properly. Broken links, faulty payment systems, and poor layouts are a sure-fire way to ensure your site visitors don’t come back.

Before your website goes live, get it tested by someone like to find out where your website needs fixing. Don’t fail at the first hurdle and drive your customers away with poor usability.


You’ve got to give people a reason to visit your WordPress website. If your website has poor metrics for things like bounce rate, time on page, and number of pages per session, then the chances are, your content needs an upgrade.

The internet is an extremely competitive place, and if your content doesn’t answer the questions your visitors are asking, you can be sure your competitors are. Online, it takes someone seconds to click out of your website and head over to your competitor’s, so you have to find ways of engaging and securing them through your content.


WordPress is popular in part because it is very SEO friendly, but you’ve still got to do the work to make sure your website ticks all the SEO boxes.

There are lots of different ways to get clicks to your website, but doing it through ranking at the top of the search engines is the golden ticket. You pay for every click when you run paid ad campaigns, and ranking highly in the search engines can get you those all-important free clicks. If you aren’t seeing many visitors to your website, then you need to start thinking about conducting an SEO audit for your site.

Be Economical with Plugins

Yet another reason why WordPress is so popular is because of the thousands of great plugins that you can install. These plugins help your website do all kinds of nifty things, but there are some drawbacks.

Having loads of plugins running in the background of your website can severely and detrimentally affect your site speed, destroying your user experience and affecting your rankings.

When adding plugins to your WordPress website, you’ve got to be ruthless in deciding whether that plugin is strictly necessary. In many cases, the negative side effects of plugins can outweigh the benefits. There are numerous important plugins on WordPress, but be selective about which ones you really need.

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