How to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly?

Most parts of the world today have gone digital. More people than ever are accessing the ever-entertaining world of the internet through their laptops, mobiles, tablets, smartwatches, and whatnot.

These times, creating websites and web pages has become a much bigger task than it used to be. Previously, a website was only to fit into the parameters of a laptop or a standard PC, but now, mobiles have taken over.

Most of the population uses smartphones, and it will be only a matter of time before the remaining population gets access. This scenario is why mobile-friendly sites have become such an integral part of our everyday life.

If a website portal is not mobile-friendly, the chances are that most of the traffic that it receives will be altogether quite problematic, and they may don’t like to explore the website itself.

Mobile app development companies are constantly trying to help make your website mobile-ready with better and efficient features, but can you help? Here are a few things to know.


Sign of the Times

According to recent data, most Google searches occur on a mobile phone rather than any other medium. With the help of this data alone, it is worth considering that mobile-friendly WordPress sites are significant in the present.

WordPress websites have been the staples for home grown and full-fledged businesses over the last few years. They have promoted all kinds of web content, from personal blogs to professional channels. This scenario is why it has become tricky to get your WordPress website the limelight it perhaps deserve

If you want to get the numbers flowing, you must be able to play the statistics. Another approach to look at it is that you are losing out on half your traffic without a WordPress website optimized for mobile phones.

Additionally, Google searches have also favored mobile-friendly websites through their algorithm over the years. Hence, it is in the best interest and everyone else to have a running mobile-friendly website.


Testing it Out

Mobile-friendly websites are a task easier said than done. That is why one needs to have a reliable tool to help them understand how mobile-friendly their website is.

Thankfully, Google has a tool that can analyze how well your website URL does in being mobile-friendly. The finest part about this particular tool is that it is absolutely free and will tell you once and for all whether your website is mobile-friendly or whether it needs work.

Google also has an additional tool with an API function that allows you to test your website along with automated tools. So be sure to have an effective google test tool result before going ahead.


Themes get Views

For most people, WordPress website themes are just something that is installed once the website is set up, and then, no one bothers to look at them again.

Themes are essential to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly but choosing a theme is a precision task that requires you to find the perfect blend for your content/business.

Even if you are very confident of the theme that you have put up, there is a good chance that you have never looked up the updates for your WordPress theme.


DIY Themes

There are various themes on WordPress. Some are paid while others are unpaid, but perhaps, the best theme for you could be creating for your site. With some helpful tips, you can easily create a mobile-friendly WordPress website theme that will complement your live site.

You can refer online for essential tools that will help you experiment with these themes. Tools like ‘Local’ will allow you to experiment with various options here and there without disturbing anything on your presently live website.

You can, in this way, get a better understanding of all the features and make an informed decision. Having a parent theme with an underlying design is always a good idea, but that might be difficult for a novice.

Overall, creating a good theme is all about keeping it simple. Just be sure to establish your boundaries through media queries and think about all the options you are putting in once.


Extra Efforts

Many people use external plugins for their WordPress website that help them with the functionality of the website. When adding WordPress mobile responsive plugins, remember that each plugin will have its pros and cons.

Be sure to stay up to date with these updates, and if you’re ever confused, Tribulant Software is a great WordPress plugins company to go with. Their plugins are simple and efficient – just the way your site needs to be.

When you start with plugins and widgets, you can get carried away with how your website could become more responsive and shine brighter. But remember that the best sites do not need to overuse plugins; they instead service the needs of potential viewers and keep things to the point.

There is no point in adding many external plugins that look like unnecessary glitter on a grade 3 project from school. It might also slow down your website. Instead, functionality for your website should stem from what your users want and your business goals.


Pop with Caution

Many websites have unnecessary pop-up windows that appear after a while on your website that block out the whole content. This scenario could generally be a box in which you are required to fill in your email.

Remember that it is vital to have a mobile-friendly site that does not get people riled up. Websites often block out their entire content, and the person has no other option than to give their email address or whatever is asked. This scenario is why WordPress has started imposing fines on such websites.

Always be sure to provide the user with the option to click on cancel for this, and don’t block out the entire page just for one box. It will not get a good response.


Media and Performance

When you are creating your WordPress website, you will undoubtedly want to add a lot of media to your site.

Media is a visual appeal factor that generates a lot of response but remembers that media comes with its share of responsibility.

When you are creating a mobile-friendly WP site, you have to keep media scaled perfectly to the audience’s viewing. Otherwise, they will feel like there is something unnatural with the site.

Additionally, your media should be compressed and minimal to ensure that your site performance and load time are not a lot. These statistics can make or break your web page.

If your website takes way too long to load, no one will be interested in coming to your website. People, in general, have small attention spans, do not forget that.


Key Takeaways

While these may feel like a list of heavy commands crucial to your website, don’t think about them too much. Just keep these pointers in mind when you’re aiming to create a responsive site that can deliver in terms of appeal and quality. Most importantly, remember not to deviate from your vision. After all, it is your website.

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