How to Promote your Writing Business using a WordPress Blog


Writing business online is the new frontier for many people across the world today. However, whereas the Internet has all these great opportunities for gifted writers, it is also a massive space that getting noticed on it could be challenging.

Attracting well-paying clients, or indeed any at all, is the first priority for a budding freelance writer. One way to do this is to create a self-hosted website on which to display your portfolio to help potential clients choose you.

WordPress has the right features to help you create a great blog to promote your writing business.


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Create a powerful portfolio on WordPress          

A powerful portfolio is the first step towards successful writing business and you must put forward only the best of your samples. A well-crafted portfolio does not only brand you favorably if that is what you seek, or even get you a great job, but will attract clients boosting your online writing business immensely.

That being the case, it pays to choose your sample articles carefully, giving priority to those that cover a niche you are passionate about and can write authoritatively.

Insert links to best-published samples

Including links to published articles instead of uploading PDFs to your WordPress blog enhances your profile and impresses potential clients. This means that it is important, when you start a freelance writing business, to define clearly what you need the blog for and customize it appropriately for desired results.

Provide sufficient samples, at least 10 pieces to show your writing quality and consistency for maximum impact. Providing samples and examples, as seen here on, is how you can also do it. This is an academic writing site that provides free essays but you can give it your own twist.

Include key bio data on your blog

Just having a great portfolio of writing samples without background information is not enough. Add information about your credentials and services you intend to offer, as this will help clients make a favorable judgment. Your name is everything, so display it prominently and choose one that is easy to remember and spell.

You might want to include some kind of tagline that identifies your specialty for easy filtering so that you only attract suitable jobs. A trendy name may be easier to market on social media, but remember it is also your brand, so make it appropriate.

Superior blog landing page

Your landing page must communicate instantly and effectively. Have an “about” tab that carries your credentials and briefly discusses what services you promise to offer. If you can include a mug shot, the better as you put a human face to the site and this generates confidence in clients.

You should provide the best features your business or service offers on the landing page. does it very nicely by providing free topic ideas and the content around it. This is a proven strategy of increasing the page view per visitor and also the final conversions.

The power of testimonials for a blog

Testimonials speak volumes about one’s character. Include a tab on your blog with as many peer or client testimonials as you can. This affirms what you claim to be and clients can crosscheck when considering working with you. Testimonials and client reviews attest to a proven record that clients can rely on to expect good service.


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Blog contact page is key

Contact is key. Make sure you include your contact details on your landing page for clients to reach you easily. This could be a short contact/inquiry form, email, your social media links, or better still all of these. It is important that you are easily accessible and at all times for smooth business flow.

WordPress blog essentials

Choose a credible and reliable host, preferably with managed WordPress hosting for excellent navigation experience. Your host must also provide high-speed loading to gel with Google parameters. Robust security plugins are necessary to protect your site from hackers and remember to give your blog an attractive premium theme for good looks.

Finally, the Internet is supposed to make life comfortable, not complicated! When creating your WordPress blog site, make navigation simple and user-friendly. Let your clients access information on your website seamlessly through clearly labeled pages.


Choosing WordPress blog to grow your writing business is a great idea as this is one of the leading platforms driving well over 30% of websites. WordPress is an open-source that you can install for use and if you are tech-savvy, you can modify it to suit your writing business needs.

Indexing in search engines and increased visibility is achievable through its high-quality coding and semantic markup. Its simplicity attracts many users worldwide daily giving you access to an unlimited market for your writing.

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