How to Reset the Password of All Users in WordPress


Each site, large and small, is likely to be a goal of hackers. It is advisable to modify the password of all users when your website is hacked. And, if you have many users on the site, it might be rather awkward not having the ability to mass reset user passwords. Resetting ensures that anyone who has access to the website has no direct access to any account.

Do you need to reset the password for all your users in WordPress? Suppose you are a user having trouble with logging in due to problems with one or all your users’ passwords, and you do not know how to reset a password; go through this article step by step. You will know how to reset the password of all the users in WordPress, and this is the same technique that several people used or used after a site hack, and we can vouch it works all the time. So, if you want to change the passwords of users, including an option in one click, then let’s get you started.



To run the WordPress mass password reset process smoothly, you will need the following:

  1. WordPress with a 4.4 version or higher.
  2. A WordPress plugin that lets you mass reset your users’ passwords.

Having these two is important if you plan on using a WordPress plugin to do the job for you.


Downloading And Installing a WordPress Plugin Steps

This is pretty much a supporting step for people who do not know how to add a plugin to reset their password or don’t have a plugin added. For people who already know how to add a WordPress plugin can skip this and go on to the how to use the plugin section.

So, let us see how to download the plugin and how the installation process works.

Step 1: Go to the WordPress Dashboard and click on the Plugins menu item. Click Add New. Alternatively, you can download one from

Step 2: You will see a page that looks like an Application store; you can search for a Password Reset Plugin of your choice or go with the ones we have listed out for you here:

Step 3: Now, there are two ways to go about it.

  • If your upload is through the WordPress ADMIN PANEL, go ahead and follow the steps below:
    • Follow Step 1 and Step 2.
    • Click the Install Now button. Alternatively, if you downloaded it from, click on Upload Plugin and choose the .zip file you downloaded and click Install Now. Note: If requested via a popup, enter the FTP information.
    • The last step would be to activate the Plugin by clicking on the Activate button.
  • Now, if your upload is through FTP, go ahead and follow the steps below:
    • Follow Step 1 and Step 2.
    • Once you download a plugin, open the .zip file and extract the folder in there.
    • Upload the plugin folder to the plugin’s directory found in public_html/wp-content/plugins/.
    • Once the plugin is uploaded, go to the WordPress Admin Panel and click on Plugins.
    • Find the plugin you installed and click “Activate”.

You now know how to install the plugins to your WordPress website dashboard and so let us move on to how to use the plugin.


How to Use the Plugin?

Upon installation of the plugin, and depending on which plugin you installed, go to the Users menu, and you might find the menu about mass resetting passwords there. Alternatively, click on Users and you can see how to reset the passwords by selecting the “Reset all user passwords” button (it might have a different text). You may also change the password of a specific user or delete a user completely.

For better clarity, let us take a look at the plugins we listed above- Mass Users Password Reset and Emergency Password Reset.


Mass Users Password Reset

Upon selecting the ‘Reset All User Passwords’, you may reset all users’ passwords.

This plugin also has custom filters that can be used as follows:

By clicking on the Filter button, you may specify custom filters for user selection. Different user meta keys are shown in the custom field filters. A user group’s password can be reset depending on the custom field specified and the specified value. The users can be segregated or filtered based on their roles in the website or any other custom basis.

Additionally, by inputting user information in the email, you may adjust the reset password email template. You may accomplish this using the placeholders on the right side. These placeholders are only available to be added into the message body.


Emergency Password Reset

This is the other plugin that we suggested you could use in case of an emergency, as the plugin name suggests. This plugin is easy to install as well, but unlike the previous plugin, it has a convenient feature that automatically resets passwords for you in WordPress.

It is a particular time-saving alternative if you have plenty of system accounts. For example, let us say you have an eCommerce site with a thousand registered users.

  • Hence, all you need to do is Install and Activate “Reset Password Emergency.”
  • This plugin has no customizable configuration. It only provides a new feature to reset passwords for all WordPress users.
  • In WordPress, go to Users > “Emergency Password Reset”.
  • Two choices are available on this screen: one for contributions and the other for resetting user passwords. First, click on the option “Reset all passwords.”
  • Users receive an email that state that the password is reset and a link is provided. This link is the same as the reset option on WordPress’s login screen and, for security reasons, it is only valid for a short time. You can now change your password.


These were the steps on how to use the plugins. Though the example plugins we used work pretty well, in case you decide on going with other plugins, the basic steps to install and use the plugins are going to be the same. Each plugin will have different features and may not have what you are looking for.


Other Effective Ways to Reset Password Without Plugins

In WordPress, you may reset your password using more than one method. In normal terms, the quickest way to reset is via the “Lost Password” link on your blog or website’s main login page. However, sometimes, particularly if your email does not work properly, you may have to take several procedures to reset your password. Below you’ll find a list of various methods for resetting a password. It depends on the kind of access that you have.

  • Change through an Automatic Emailer; this method is useful for those who remember the user name of the profile or the email ID you have provided on your website, and that way, you can use the Forgot/Lost Password feature and reset.
  • Use the MySQL Command-Line and change your password; if you have the most recent version of MySQL, you can use it to estimate the MD5 hash for you to reset the password.
  • Through the database, phpMyAdmin. If you have access to your database, you can use it, but user discretion is advised as it is risky to use it, and you might end up losing all your data. You can easily take a backup of your database prior to touching any data.
  • Using the command-line tool that is used to manage the WordPress installations. WP-CLI is easy to do and can be a great way to fix the issue, if you are an individual user.
  • The Emergency Password Reset plugin can be used only if you know the admin email address. Once any changes are made using this method, the admin gets notified via an email that there had been an update to the password or that it has been changed.



This is the end of the article, and we hope you could follow through with all the steps and reset your users’ passwords in your WordPress website. While all these steps are easy to follow, if you use a different plugin, feel free to reach us out or leave your email down below along with any questions you might have, and we will be sure to help. While we provided additional ways to reset passwords, those are for extra information and can be used if you are trying to reset individual user passwords, but only in case you have or do not have access to the admin username/email (depending on which method). We hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial.

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  1. Duke on November 12, 2021

    “Mass Users Password Reset” is a Dangerous tool and the TEST mode is actually a LIVE MODE and it will reset all passwords unwillingly. This tool is junk and should be reviewed properly.

    • Tribulant Software on November 12, 2021

      Thanks for the feedback about that plugin. Since this happened to you and someone else recently, it means they must fix this as soon as possible and not take your issue lightly. Based on older reviews, it seems that this was running fine. It might be that recent WordPress, PHP, or other plugin updates caused an issue with their plugin.


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