How to Select a WordPress Theme for Your Freelance Business

The online presentation of your freelance business is important. Your website and all the details around it need to be on point to tell potential clients as much as possible about you, within seconds. Most freelancers choose WordPress to build their website, and that’s an easy choice. However, choosing a WordPress theme is a bit more complicated.

With thousands of themes available, how can you choose the right one for you? To ensure you don’t get lost in all the choices, we’ve put together a list of features to look for in a WordPress freelance theme.

Here’s how to choose the best WordPress theme for your freelance business and website.


Features and Functions

The best way to start looking for the perfect WordPress theme is to think about the functions you want your website to offer.

Imagine your homepage and think about the necessary options you’ll want to use in the future.

Make a list of the features you want and you think you’ll need:

  • number of columns
  • flexible header and footer
  • email opt-in form
  • comment section
  • images, videos or other media

Make sure you put together a precise list of the features you need and try keeping it simple.

You can limit your search for the WordPress freelance theme using the features you’ve chosen.



You want your website to be available and functional to customers regarding the device they’re using. Responsiveness is extremely important, and you shouldn’t ignore it.

Therefore, you have to choose a WordPress theme that works well for both mobile and desktop devices.

Here’s what to check when selecting a responsive theme:

  • how it works for different screen sizes
  • the loading speed
  • readability
  • adjustability
  • no need for plugins for each different device
  • mobile-first

Marie Fincher, a blogger and head of content at Trust My Paper says “A responsive theme is a must. If your website doesn’t load properly on a device, you’ll irreversibly lose the potential client. “

Be careful and choose wisely. It’s better to go for a simpler design than to have a theme which loads improperly for certain devices. Focus on responsiveness.


Colors & Psychology

Colors play an important role in the way we perceive things and receive information.

Color psychology has it all figured out and by following some of its principles, you could make a better choice of your WordPress freelance theme.

For example:

  • blue is the color for concentration and peace
  • red is for passion and risks
  • black is the color of luxury
  • white is the color of pureness

Apart from choosing the theme with the right colors, you should pay attention to contrasts and emphasizing the most important information. It’s best to go for something simple and clean rather than messy and overly colorful.


Putting Content in Focus

You need to keep in mind that it’s important for your website’s visitors to focus on your content rather than on your design.

The content needs to be the main thing, but the design is there to support it.

“I use Miniva theme for my own blog. It has a clean and minimal design which helps my readers focus on what I’m writing about“ says Diana Adjadj, the author of the blog 3to5 MFor Freelancers Choosing the right WordPress business theme is importantFor Freelancers Choosing the right WordPress business theme is importantarketing and a writer for Best Essay Education.

Choose a theme which is:

  • well-organized
  • clean
  • minimalistic
  • simple
  • emphasizing the content

This way, you’ll ensure your website’s visitors need less than 5 seconds to figure out they’re in the right place and you have what they’re looking for.


Fonts & Structure

To help your readers perceive your content easily, you need to ensure your theme which is in accordance with the principles of cognitive fluency.

Cognitive fluency is defined as “the ease with which we process information in order to understand what they are or what they mean”.

That means that the better you present your information and content, the better are your readers going to understand it and believe in it.

Neightan White, a blogger and a tech writer at Supreme Dissertations says that “Your WordPress theme needs to provide a smooth and pleasant experience. People shouldn’t be struggling to find information or understand what you’re saying.”

Therefore, go for a theme which:

  • uses easy to read fonts
  • supports a simple design
  • organizes your information according to their importance
  • isn’t too bloated
  • gives the readers a smooth experience

This way, you’ll be able to retain as many visitors as possible and to get them to re-visit your site or memorize you easier.


Plugins Supported

If you’re thinking about choosing a theme for the long run, you certainly need to consider the possible plugins you might be using.

Plugins are a great way to upgrade your website, add new features, and offer new things to your visitors.

However, not all themes and plugins go hand to hand.

That’s why you should:

  • make a list of potential plugins you’ll want to use
  • search for themes which are compatible

This will mean a lot in the future, and you won’t have to give up on your beautiful design or a plugin you desperately need.


Final Thoughts

For freelancers, choosing the right WordPress business theme is important. You need to invest the energy into thinking it through and making the right choice.

Use the advice above to analyze the potential themes you’d want to use. Make a selection and stick to certain standards. Make sure you choose wisely and you’ll have nothing to worry about in the future.

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