How to Use Instagram to Boost Traffic to Your WordPress Business Website

Growing at a sizzling pace since its launch, the hot favorite of the young generation, Instagram has crossed a whopping 1 billion active monthly users in 2018.It also continues to deliver the highest engagement rate of all social media networks.

Individuals can use their smartphone to click photographs, edit them, and post them to their accounts on the go without any hassle while businesses can show off their products being used, display creative portfolios, or even provide behind-the-scenes peeks. The strong connection between Instagram users and businesses can be seen from the fact that more than 80% of users on Instagram follow at least one business while more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile daily; out of which two-thirds are those who do not follow the particular business profile they visit. What this essentially means is that Instagram is an exciting opportunity for businesses to get more eyeballs and to generate more traffic to their websites. Some great ways of driving traffic from Instagram to your WordPress site:

Integrate Instagram into Your Website

The first step to realizing all the benefits of Instagram is to integrate your WordPress website site with Instagram so that all the lovely photographs that you have posted of your products or the user-generated content that is seen by your Instagram followers can also be viewed by your website visitors. Setting up a gallery of photos or even a carousel on your website is very easy; all you have to do is to download a WordPress Instagram plug-in and activate it to drive the photos from your Instagram account to your WordPress website. There are plenty of plugins available; many of them are free but the paid ones offer you more feature and premium support, which may be necessary for you to get the best results.

Pay Attention to Your Instagram Bio

The bio section of your Instagram account is crucial to the success of your business. It is the only place where any link that you insert is permitted to be clicked, so make sure that you have your website link here. The link in the bio will drive most of the website traffic coming out of Instagram. It is not necessary that you have the link of the home page only; in fact, smart marketers give the link of a specially designed landing page that contains details of any promotion that you may be having. By measuring the traffic to the landing page, you can also find out how much traffic is being generated by the promo so if it is not working, you can tweak the promo to be more attractive. To make your bio section stand out, you should think about including a visually appealing photo; businesses can use the company logo, a brand logo, or even something else that is easily recognizable as being associated with the business. According to, including an emoji can give the bio a fresh look and help it to cut the through the clutter. Make the text compelling by writing it in an interesting and crisp manner. Do not forget to include the relevant hashtags that will ensure that your account will turn up when users search for something. Also, think of including emojis to give your bio section a personality that resonates with followers. If after your best efforts, you are not getting sufficient engagement on Instagram, think about using the services of marketing companies to get you likes and more Instagram followers.

Use Photo Content Creatively

Since Instagram is all about visuals, you need to ensure that your account stands out from the rest with photographs that are really stunning. Even when you want to post product photos, you should think about how you can do it creatively so that they are interesting to the viewers. Do not repeat the standard shots that are already on your packaging or on your website. As far as possible, try to include the products being used and show how people relate to them. When there are human beings around rather than inanimate things, it automatically increases the level of interest. Photos of your employees and the production facilities, in case you are a manufacturer, are always liked and make the followers feel special. No guide for Instagram business would be complete without a mention of user-generated content. Invite followers to generate content that shows the products being used by them to increase their level of engagement. Regardless of everything else, you must ensure that the photographs are of very high quality and reflect the company’s values, personality, and ethics. Use filters and editing tools to make your photos more presentable and in line with your brand style. Video has become very popular and you should think about using videos strategically to show your products being used or your manufacturing lines in action. See if you can run a teaser campaign that progressively shows your followers glimpses of an upcoming product launch or event.

Make Good Use of Hashtags

Just because hashtags are optional does not mean that you can drop their use on your Instagram account. Hashtags are essentially identifiers for photographs that users can search for when trying to locate photographs or posts of their interest. While there is no limit on the number of hashtags that you can use, an ideal number is around five to seven used strategically to describe your photo or link your post to trending issues that followers are sure to be tracking. You can increase the impact by using SEO keywords used in your website as hashtags on Instagram. Be sure to include branded hashtags containing your company or brand name to make it easier for followers to search for posts and to enhance the branding impact. Remember to tag people seen in the photo or those who were responsible for creating the photo like photographers, designers, clients, etc. so that their followers can also get an opportunity to interact with your business. Use location hashtags if that is relevant to your product or brand promotion.


Using your Instagram contents on your website has multiple benefits. Now you can integrate Instagram with your WordPress site very easily with the help of plugins. All you now need to do is to focus on building a very strong brand presence on Instagram and the website will now be simultaneously updated.

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