How WordPress Developers Make WordPress Relevant For Web Development Projects

New websites are being built with the latest technologies, such as CodeIgniter, Scala, Python, and Ruby on Rails. This is because these technologies offer the same benefits or advantages as WordPress, although the WordPress developers are working assiduously to ensure that they remain a leader among software development companies. Nevertheless, WordPress still offers a lot of benefits to the users. However, one unique feature of all these technologies is that they are all open-source web development platforms.

Advantages of using an open-source web development platform:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Open-source web development platforms have reduced the costs associated with website development. So with these platforms, web development projects have become more affordable. Hence, it is safe to say that it is no longer the era when only big organizations could afford a website, now anybody can. In fact, you may have come across numerous personal websites; this is common among public figures and celebrities.

2. Faster web development

Web developers enjoy working with open-source web development platforms because they aid productivity. Since most of the coding aspect of web development has been undertaken by the software developers, it allows web developers more time to quickly complete the project. It also reduces the problem of errors or bugs because they are properly displayed in the process of web development. The bottom line is that these latest open-source web development platforms provide simplicity and flexibility to users.

3. E-commerce site development

All the platforms available as open-source web development software are ideal for developing e-commerce sites. More people are setting up online stores lately and most of them request that their e-commerce site be built with any of the latest software, especially Scala and CodeIgniter.

4. Secure sites

These software development companies have strong and secure servers. And they also have people that have been assigned with the responsibility of maintaining their servers to avoid hitches and/or cyber threats.

5. Migration

Websites built with any of these platforms can be moved from one server to another. So, you can build your website with CodeIgniter then move it to the WordPress server or any other server that you are interested in. Experienced web developers will be able to help you with this should you have a reason to.

6. Content Management

CodeIgniter, Scala, Python, and Ruby on Rails are all ideal for content management. This means that you can always edit your site content anytime the need arises. There are various reasons why you may want to do that; for example, if you have new products to add to your website, or you need to change the prices of your products or you are offering a discount on certain products, or you are adding your new social media handle, whatever it is these platforms have you covered.

7. Search engine friendly

With any of these latest technologies, you can develop websites that are search engine friendly. This means that if you want your site to rank high in search engines then you can develop it with any of the software mentioned, as well as with WordPress. Moreover, WordPress has built-in SEO.

8. E-payment supportive

Another advantage of using any of those technologies is that they all support e-payment options. Similarly, they are ideal for developing websites that support payment gateway. In addition to this, you can monetize a website built with any of these technologies.

Now that you have seen the advantages of building your website with an open-source web development platform then you should see how WordPress is different.

Why you may still need to consider using WordPress:

1. It is free to host your site

The difference between building a website with any of these web development platforms and WordPress is that once you build your website with WordPress, it is automatically hosted online for free. However, with other platforms, you still need to find a host. Notwithstanding, this is equally applicable if you build your website from scratch. Be that as it may, these software offer compatibility with most hosting solutions, so finding a host is not a problem. Anyway, WordPress is the only platform that does not require you to pay an additional fee for the hosting service since your site will be automatically hosted online for free. Moreover, WordPress developers are still working tirelessly in trying to provide much better services to users.

2. WordPress has themes and templates

WordPress has numerous themes that a web developer can select from to design a professional website for you. Besides, while you may have to do a few lines of coding when using any of those web development platforms, WordPress has templates that you can just use to build the site you want then use plugins to extend the functionality. More so, WordPress developers are still working on introducing more themes to give users more preference and variability.

3. WordPress has thousands of plugins

WordPress has thousands of plugins to enable you to extend the functionality of your website so that you can enjoy a great and/or easy user interface. Though, other platforms have libraries of resources too where you have access to resources required to add functionalities to a site.

Finally, you have been able to see why people are now opting for any of the open-source web development platforms for their web development projects. Now, thanks to the WordPress developers, the software still remains very relevant if you must design a beautiful and professional website, therefore you can continue to opt for this when developing any website.

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