How to Improve Your Writing in WordPress

Here are the best WordPress writing plugins to improve your writing in WordPress.

WordPress is the global leader in content management systems. It hosts more than a quarter of all web pages on the Internet, reaching the market share of almost 25%, as of November, 2015. In such circumstances, it is no wonder that WordPress is also essential for all of us digital writers out there.

Although omnipresent, this CMS tool is not perfect. It’s actually quite the opposite: being an all-around player, WordPress needs many plugins to become truly functional. The situation is not different with online writing, so you’ll need to install additional features to make the process much easier. In this article, we will present the best ones and explain why you should use them.

Top 10 WordPress writing plugins

WordPress offers users around 1,000 writing plugins, most of which are available free of charge.

Let’s see the top 10 WordPress writing plugins list here:

1. Just Writing

Just Writing is an excellent writing plugin that gives you all sorts of privileges. It allows users to work without distractions and concentrate on their job completely. Besides this primary feature, Just Writing offers many supporting commands such as the simple grammar check, formats, and styling. There is also the preview that helps you to get the notion of the final product.

2. Jetpack’s Spelling and Grammar

The Jetpack plugin is full of valuable features and one of them is the spelling and grammar module. Using this tool, you can check your text and detect typos or potential grammar issues. At the same time, Jetpack gives you suggestions related to professional jargon and possibly inadequate phrases. It determines common writing patterns and gives you tips how to rephrase them.

3. Essays ScholarAdvisor

If you need expert help with online writing, you can always hire professional services to deal with your posts in WordPress. Essays ScholarAdvisor could be your weapon of choice when you are dealing with many topics and tight deadlines. They can provide you with high-quality articles written by trained professionals in the given field.

4. HTML Special Characters Helper

Inserting special characters can be such a torture when you find yourself in the middle of an extremely important writing task. The developers of HTML Special Characters Helper noticed this problem and created the tool with the single aim to remove the obstacle. The plugin proved to be very useful for professional writers who don’t want to waste time searching for the right symbol.

5. Co-Authors Plus

Many writers collaborate in order to create better and more comprehensive posts. In such circumstances, it is often difficult to handle author boxes and include multiple contributors. The Co-Authors Plus plugin solves this issue by listing all names and bylines through a number of different templates.

6. Social Networks Auto Poster

Social networking is part of our everyday lives and it became crucial for our businesses, too. Social Networks Auto Poster serves to publish your blog posts to all social media accounts automatically. It includes major channels like Facebook and Twitter but also dozens of other relevant networks. This plugin eliminates redundant work and allows writers to focus on their primary duties.

7. Social Share Buttons

The more shares your posts have, the more valuable they become. That’s the reason why most of the writers want to make their articles easy to share throughout digital networks. Social Share Buttons make this process very simple as it gives users the chance to share posts using only one click. You can choose one of 16 icon templates or customize it according to personal preferences.

8. Revive Old Post

Another useful plugin offers you a chance to Revive Old Post automatically. If you have some great articles that don’t grab anyone’s attention anymore, this plugin will reanimate them. You can make the schedule of re-posts or simply choose which posts to share one more time. It’s also possible to pick only a certain type of topics using different hashtags.

9. Disable Comments

As much as it is important for writers to grab the readers’ attention and make them engaged, it is also very important to prevent the unwanted comments. The plugin called Disable Comments enables you to customize all comment preferences, forbid all types of user feedback, or allow certain discussions.

10. Copyright Proof

The digital era made it more difficult for writers to protect their work and prove ownership. If you want to improve your copy protection, then Copyright Proof is your kind of plugin. Using this tool, you will receive a digital copyright certificate that you can add at the end of your posts. This is a simple but very elegant solution for the plagiarism issue.



With millions of bloggers, writers, and marketers all around the globe, every little aspect of online writing can mean a big difference in post quality and reach. For that reason, WordPress offers hundreds of free plugins to digital writers but it’s sometimes complicated to decide which ones to use. That’s why we gave you a brief guideline about the best plugins – feel free to try them out and let us know in comments if you have any additional suggestions.

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