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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an essential part of driving steady traffic to your website. It consists of using a variety of methods to place your website high on search engine rankings when certain keywords are employed. In order to understand how to improve SEO on WordPress, it is important to master the basics of search engine result ranking strategies. This article will guide you through WordPress SEO tips that will earn you the best chance at a high search engine result ranking.

1. Choosing An Efficient WebHost

In understanding how to SEO WordPress,it is imperative to do proper research. Your first task may be finding the best web hosting options for your site. This ensures your WordPress Website loads fast enough for a high search engine ranking. Pages should take on average a second to load; anything over, even for crammed pages, might lead to a penalty in the form of a low ranking on Google, and discourage visitors from visiting your site. If your site is currently loading slow (over 1.5 seconds for each page to load), you might want to contact your current web host to inquire on the reason for this inefficiency. Should they fail to provide a particular credible reason for this slowness (which you can research on or double-check online), you may want to switch to a host with faster servers.

When seeking a new website host, it is important to source your information from reliable websites. Hosts frequently pay to be listed by deceptive articles claiming they are among the top ten fastest website host available. Instead, consider watching seminars on web hosting and blogging online (On platforms such as YouTube), or finding your favorite (and fastest loading) website’s hosting information by using popular platforms such as or

2. Working On Your WordPress Blog

Structuring a website can be a tedious, never-ending process. However, few people truly consider the damage a constant “404 not found” message can do to their Google ranking, as well as website’s steady traffic influx. To ensure this doesn’t happen, visit the settings page of your WordPress blog and untick the “Search Engine Visibility” box. You may want to keep the box unticked until you’ve handled most of your website’s structural adjustments. This will prevent search engines from indexing your site while pages are being re-structured. For smaller changes you can use the ” rel=”noindex” “or” rel=”nofollow” “tag on each page that is under construction, maintenance or adjustment.

3. Change The Permalink Structure Of Your Post

The identifying process WordPress uses on each of your posts isn’t optimal for search engine use. In order to maximize your site’s visibility on search engines, you need your posts’ permalinks to include important keywords. By changing the text-based permalink settings of your posts in the settings page, you can ensure your posts permalinks’ involve their title, in which popular keywords ought to be placed. “Custom” structures are ideal if you are familiar with basic coding, otherwise, you may want to consider a simple “month and name” structure, which will both categorize your posts effectively and increase your search engine ranking.

4. Source Freelance Writers Online

Search engine-optimized articles are the best way to attain a high search engine result ranking. However, it is common for website owners to get discouraged by the sheer amount of content that must be created in order to keep their website relevant in their chosen field of publishing or blogging. Fortunately, there exists a large number of freelance writers, skilled in both the incorporation of important keywords in writing and the creation of unique content that will inform or entertain users of your site.

It is important to note that the use of Freelance writers taps into another aspect of effective Search Engine Optimization: achieving online popularity. As a basic tool of digital marketing, generating consumer interest ensures your website is considered a “go-to source” for information relevant to your chosen field. The creation of articles that generate clicks based on curiosity, interest or educative need increases the traffic to your website, which results in higher search engine ranking.

5. Increase The Length Of Your Content

While this tip relates to the one mentioned above, it involves a key point: choosing to go longer. A common mistake is to opt for short, basic articles that will cram keywords as densely as possible into vaguely informative text. In order to battle keyword cramming, Google has adopted a “longer articles first” policy which places the more detailed posts at the top and shorter articles lower. In order to ascertain the lengths of articles you will need to plan or require from your freelance writers, you will need to consider similar articles which fare well on Google. As long as your content is entirely unique, matching or exceeding the length of your most popular competitors’ posts is advisable.


If you are wondering how to improve SEO on WordPress site, there you have it. It requires some dedication and technical application.

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