List of accounting plugins you can use for your WordPress website

All businesses, whether big or small, need to keep an organized and systematic record of all financial activities and transactions. Since precise and detailed information is the key to sustainable business success, it is imperative to use business tools to manage and generate real facts and data. Here is a list of WordPress accounting plugins to make financial management effortless and easy.


1. WP Ever Accounting

This plugin allows you to keep track of your income and expenses. It can also send invoices in multi-currencies. This one-stop-shop plugin allows you to log your financial activity so you can manage your finances with ease.

WP Ever Accounting lets you create a new menu on your dashboard. Once the menu has been generated, there will be sub-menus for your financial transactions. These sub-menus are Dashboard, Contacts, Transactions, Revenues, Accounts, Payments, Categories, and settings. The dashboard gives you a detailed summary including highlights of your most recent accounting activities and events.


Pricing and Plans

  • Free


Pros and Cons


  • Open source
  • Can support 2 user roles: accountant and accounting manager
  • Simplifies management experience
  • Can create unlimited cash and bank account


  • Dashboard needs improvement



  • Cash Flow
  • Easy Invoicing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Expense Tracking
  • Income Tracking
  • Deposits & Transfers
  • Custom User Roles
  • Billable Expenses
  • Transaction Categories
  • Bulk Import
  • Bulk Export
  • Vendor Management
  • Customer Management



This accounting software gives you a suite of modules specific to WordPress. It enhances WordPress dashboard’s functionality by adding essential accounting tools like CRM, ERP and HR. This tool enables all members of the organization to get access to essential financial information. They can also get the latest updates on tasks,schedules and many others.

The tool also centralizes key processes by simplifying all aspects of your business, integrating day to day tasks such as project management, scheduling, attendance, payroll, task management and customer management.


Pricing and Plans

  • Pricing starts at $149.00 (flat rate) per year, but there is also a free version and free trial.


Pros and Cons


  • It can track and monitor receivables, income, expenses, payables and balance.
  • Manages business information and projects using a single platform
  • Smart announcement and leave management
  • Assigns tasks and contact to intended recipients
  • Keeps a record of income statement, trial balance, sales tax report and balance sheet
  • Provides reports and analytics for accounting, CRM, HRM and much more.


  • Lacks internal chat integration
  • Not webinar support
  • Uses 2177.44KB memory



  • Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Leave Management
  • HR Training
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Reimbursement
  • SMS Notification
  • Custom Field Builder
  • Email Campaigns
  • HR Frontend
  • Recruitment
  • Attendance


3. CBX Accounting & Bookkeeping

CBX Accounting is an accounting tool designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. It is a simple accounting solution that logs income and expenses. Even if you do not have any knowledge in accounting, CBX Accounting will make the process easier by assisting you in keeping track if your income and expenses logs. While there is a free version that has key features to use, you can also upgrade to premium to enhance your accounting experience.


Pricing and Plans

  • Free to download with option to upgrade:
  • 1 Site 1 Year Licence $99.00
  • 2 Sites 1 Year Licence $149.00
  • 5 Sites 1 Year Licence $299.99


Pros and Cons


  • Clean user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Quick banking and reconciliation
  • Great value for money


  • Does not frequently update software



  • Tax Management
  • Global Settings
  • Role Management
  • Birds Eye View
  • Income Statement
  • Export System
  • Addon Supported
  • Translatable


4. Geo POS

The software is intended for stock manager billing and application. It can handle data management, supplier management and project management. Geo POS can generate detailed account reports and statistics and support live exchange rates and multiple currencies. It comes with a feature to manage employee attendance, payroll and salary.


Pricing and Plans

  • $46


Pros and Cons


  • Generates detailed financial information
  • Provides support for many currencies
  • Capable of building multiple stores
  • Integrates sales and purchase
  • Best-In-Class customer support


  • Interface needs improvement



  • Inventory Management
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Customer Management
  • Export and Data Backup
  • Employee Management


Tips on how to find the best accounting plugin for your website

Business owners need to keep a close eye on each and every financial activity and this is when choosing the right accounting software becomes a critical aspect of the process. A program that enables you to accomplish your daily accounting task is important so you will know how your business is doing.

Accounting tools that will help you to track expenses, record payments, reconcile transactions and invoice customers will help you to maintain the financial health of your business. When selecting the best accounting software, keep these following factors in mind.



When shopping for the best software, always ask yourself what you need to accomplish as a business owner. Some end up paying for features they do not use and this is a big waste of money. Accounting tools packed with essential features to assist you in generating financial reports and tracking inventory are your best bet.

Software with mobile-app capabilities allow you to monitor key financial information and complete core tasks anytime, anywhere and from any device.



It is also necessary to check the software’s capability to allow multiple users to access the software. With multi-user access, you can invite your employees and other users to access the system and control the data. Whether you choose desktop or cloud-based software, it should have the features you need for an app. Cloud based software gives you more freedom and flexibility than desktop software to run your business remotely at home or on vacation.



While it is tempting to prefer cheap accounting tools than expensive ones, always take features and benefits into consideration because quality, in most cases, comes at a price.


Bottom line

When compared to hiring an accounting firm or an accountant, accounting software is less expensive. Not only does it easily track and handle your financial tasks for your staffing agency startup business, it also provides you with real-time updates so you know where to position yourself when it comes to your finances. Take the time to check different software providers and ask questions so you can get a feel for their service.

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