Recurring Payments in WordPress

How to set up recurring payments in WordPress?

Ecommerce sites that use WordPress already have a leg up on the competition because they’re using software that’s extremely responsive to customisation.

Shopping cart software is essential for stand-alone ecommerce sites (those that do not work through platforms like Amazon and Etsy). Trouble is, many software packages are complicated and take loads of time to install and set-up. We decided it was time to make a plan.


Multifunctional Shopping Cart Software!

We designed our own WordPress Shopping Cart Premium Plugin, available only from Tribulant, for WordPress sites. It transforms a WordPress site into a full ecommerce site. It’s also a truly universal product that works everywhere from the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia with features like these:

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Five shipping modules
  • Coupon systems
  • Multilingual – no small need for our country
  • Tax and currency calculator for different countries

Rather than overload the plugin with features, we created 44 extensions so our WordPress customers can decide which ones they need.

Customers who want to provide express shipping within South Africa can purchase the Dawn Wing extension, available once-off and on an unlimited basis and only for our shopping cart plugin.

The BlueSnap extension is an excellent payment option for sites with lots of international customers.

Our eCommerce software lets you add features like worldwide shipping


Recurring Payment Feature

People trying to decide on how to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime purchase may want to take advantage of Shopping Cart’s WordPress recurring payments feature. It lets them set up periodic payments for items they may otherwise pass up. It’s also useful for sites that sell yearly subscriptions and saves them the time and cost to send out bills.

Websites that already have WordPress Shopping Cart installed can offer this feature through the following payment processors:

  • 2CO
  • – added March 2015
  • Blue Pay
  • Converge (formerly Virtual Merchant)
  • Eway Rapid API
  • First Data e4 Hosted Payment Page
  • PayPal – added March 2015
  • Stripe

We keep adding recurring gateways for WordPress to the list.

Once the extension for the payment has been activated, follow these instructions to set up the recurring payment feature:

  1. Go to Checkout > Products and edit/create a product.
  2. In the “Pricing” section, choose “Recurring Payment” for the product.
  3. Fill in any text that you want to add that will display to customers.
  4. Then choose the setup/trial fee, recurring interval, recurring duration and recurring price.

We built in more payment options with more flexibility


Recent Additions and Improvements

We released a major upgrade to the Shopping Cart in March 2015. It included new services, improvements, and fixed a few errors with PDFs.

New administrative features include:

  • Ability to filter orders by product variation and options and delete product images
  • Export All button
  • Suppliers’ order portal
  • Added recurring payment to Virtual Merchant (now Converge)

Customers may notice these new items:

  • Option to upload a profile picture
  • FedEx shipping option
  • Barclaycard now accepted
  • Minimum order totals and amount to checkout
  • Separate handling, insurance, and surcharges for shipment selection

Other improvements included:

  • Edits for product details and changes in past orders
  • More precise updating on shipping details and order changes
  • Improved notices for actions needed
  • Better supplier account creation process
  • Added new variations and options for the database

Give our Shopping Cart a tryout with an online trial. Like all our plugins, it comes with a guaranteed seven-day cash refund.

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  1. Jason on September 15, 2016

    A Virtual Merchant account works great for WordPress. Very happy with it. I actually don’t mind the flat rate with the per transaction fee. You can also use a Virtual Terminal in additional to eCommerce, so fees can vary based on the transaction type.

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