The Best Free WordPress Plugins to Try in 2019

Best Free WordPress Plugins

One of the reasons for WordPress’s incredible popularity is its wide variety of superb plugins, which allow webmasters to easily customize their site. With thousands of options to choose from, and new plugins being added all the time, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount available. If you want to improve your website, here are the best free WordPress plugins to try in 2019.

Pretty Links

Rather than using a link shortener, add the Pretty Links plugin onto your website, which will make all your URLs look much cleaner and more professional. It also enables a webmaster to track every URL click, as you can read a full report on the link source, web browser, web host, and operating system.

It’s an ideal option for those who need to track email click-through rates or are participating in affiliate marketing.


Every webmaster must aim to step up their site’s security to prevent malware risks, DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, and XXS attacks. Sucuri can be an effective way to keep your site and data safe and secure, as the plugin offers blacklist monitoring, activity audits, security notifications. When combined with a robust VPS from, it can be a powerful website security solution.

W3 Total Cache

As website speed is reportedly a major SEO ranking factor, you should aim to incorporate a plugin that can improve its performance.

For example, W3 Total Cache can compress and cache files for site visitors, which can reduce the server’s load time and increase the speed of your website. Plus, it can minify JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Simple Author Box

To easily display an author’s profile at the end of a blog post, install the Simple Author Box plugin onto your WordPress site. The attractive box cannot only be customized to complement your site’s theme, but it will also feature the author’s name, description, and gravatar. You also can incorporate up to 30 social media author profiles, which can make it easier for readers to read their content and reach out to them personally.

Really Simple SSL

A Secure Sockets Layer(SSL)can encrypt the data transferred between a customer and a website, which is essential for e-commerce businesses. It is also a symbol of trust, which can make customers more likely to trust in your services and buy your products.

Thankfully, with the Really Simple SSL plugin, you can make moving your site to an HTTPs a doddle. It is a one-click solution that will instantly redirect and update your HTTP URLs to an HTTPs, which can improve your site’s security.


It can be heart-breaking to lose all your site’s content due to a website malfunction or a hacking. To ensure you never lose the information, you should download the UpdraftPlus plugin onto your dashboard.

It works by scheduling automatic updates of your site’s database and files, and you can store the backup in a reliable cloud solution, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

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