The Importance of User Documentation on WordPress Websites

With so many websites, online tools, and online services today, it is not only hard for us customers to choose the best ones, it is also difficult for these brands to compete against each other – there are so many online tools that have the same purpose.

So, how do you know which one is the best, or at least better? How do you choose one instead of another? All of the reviews might seem great, but how do you know if the service or tool will be easy to use for you?

In these cases, you should always look for a user documentation page on the online tool or service that you have chosen. It will save you a lot of time and worries. To get some inspiration, you can check out these 5 incredible user documentation examples for 2020 by Herothemes. And, for even more insightful and inspirational help, check out the benefits and additional examples of having a user documentation page on a WordPress website below.


Why WordPress Websites Need User Documentation?

Just think how many people and businesses are using the WordPress platform for their websites around the world – WordPress is very popular. And since there are so many different services and online tools, it is easy to get lost while choosing between all of them. But not if you have a user documentation page. A page like this will definitely make your WordPress website better than before.

Not having a user documentation page will simply lead to many misunderstandings and waste the time of your customers and your team as well. If you do not have a user documentation page on your website, it is very likely that you will have many downloads for your online tool, but what is the benefit of it if people will delete it after using it for a few hours? Not being able to quickly understand how something works nowadays is crucial.


What Are The Benefits of User Documentation?

First of all, if you have a user documentation page on your website, you save time. Just think about how much time it would take to resolve a simple issue or a question that is very often asked? It might take up more than 15 minutes each time. And this may even lead you to have no other choice but to hire more staff members, which will also lead to losing the company money.

Also, you will increase the customer satisfaction level if you show them that you care about their time and struggles. Showing a customer that you value their time is very important. So make sure you share not just the basic information about how to use a product, but also some tips that are not as obvious.

More to it, you will leave your users with a better customer experience about your brand. Which is very important. As you know, reviews and recommendations between friends and colleagues play a very influential role these days. If a customer who uses your product often and is happy about it and leaves a review – it is a huge plus for your brand.


Example #1: Slack’s User Documentation

With more than 12 million active daily users, Slack is a widely used online tool for business that is meant for instant-communication. And no wonder why it has such popularity – it also has a great user documentation page on their website. When you visit Slack’s website, you instantly see a huge search field that is already suggesting the most popular topics to explore.

This lets you easily see that Slack cares about the comfort and productivity of their customers – they do not want to waste their customer’s time, they simply want to give you a quality online tool with quality service. And that is more than enough to make you a successful business.

Even more to it, when you visit Slack’s user documentation page, you can see that the information is divided into six different topics so that it would be easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for faster. It includes Getting started, Using Slack, Your profile & preferences, Add tools to your workspace, Workspace administration, and Tips, tricks & more.


Example #2: Google’s User Documentation

It is not a secret that Google is the most visited website in the world – but it has done a lot of things right and has earned this title. Google usually puts the user first; therefore, they also have created a very useful user documentation page on their website(s).

If you go to Google’s Help page, you will see that the most frequent questions and problem solutions can be found there. Google even has an online forum of its own, where users can help each other if they have some unresolved issues or questions. It also creates a closer community and helps Google with its brand image as a whole.

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