Tips on Writing an Amazing ‘About Us’ Page for Your WordPress Blog 

Blogs are about connecting people who find the same topics interesting and enjoy reading about similar ideas. Your blog is your opportunity to build a community of mutually connected people and create a place of pleasure and entertainment. Still, in order to succeed in this, you need to start with yourself.

Your blog needs a well-written “About us” page, to make it even more relatable and personal. This section of your blog is what creates an emotional bond between you and your readers. They what to know who’s behind the posts they read and love so much. If you’re not sure what exactly takes to write a great “About Us” page, we’ve got you covered.

Take a look at the tips on writing an amazing “About us” page for your WordPress blog.

  • Make a Connection

The first thing you need to have in mind is the writing style you’ll be using for your “About Us” page. It needs to reflect your friendliness and openness.

That means that you need to write as if you were talking to your best friend. It implies:

  • everyday language
  • conversational structures
  • a bit of humor or cuteness
  • directly addressing the readers

This type of writing will make your readers feel more close to you and you’ll be more certain they’ll stick around.

  • Introduce Yourself

Every “About Us” page needs to cover information about the person or people behind the blog who work round the clock to produce quality content for the readers.

Think about the things your readers would like to know about you and other team members if there are any. Don’t overdo it and go into too much detail. Introduce yourself and share the basics which matter to your audience:

  • your education
  • your cultural background
  • your personality traits

This will be enough for your readers to create an image of you and keep it in mind while reading your blog.

  • Give a Brief History

Your readers need a bit of background info, so as to be familiar with the blog’s creation and development through time.

Try answering these key questions:

  • How did it all start?

Include information about the first time you discovered the passion you‘re writing about or you tackled your blog’s topic. Tell them about the spark which lit up the fire in you.

  • When did the blog come to creation?

Share the numbers regarding the creation of your blog to add depth and value to the readers. Help them realize which phase of the blog’s development are they joining in for.

  • What inspired you?

Tell the people about your inner inspiration and the drive which got you where you are. Sharing something as personal as this will make your bod even stronger.

  • Tell Them About Your Mission

There should be two main reasons for writing a blog:

  1. to share your passion, love, knowledge, and skills
  2. to make your readers happy

If we’re on the same page about this, then you’ll agree this needs to be highlighted in your “About us” page.

Tell your readers about your missionand how you plan on making their lives better and continuing to work on sharing the things you love and know best.

Make sure they understand how important the blog is for you and what makes it such a special place for all of you involved.

  • Show off Professionalism

Whatever the topic of the blog is, it still needs credibility.

You need to be 100% honest with your readers and let them know exactly what is it that you offer.

  • If you’re an amateur- don’t hide it.
  • If you’re a specialist in the subject matter- don’t be modest, let them know.
  • If you’re only just learning- ask them to join you.

It’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it. Just stay true to yourself and your readers.

  • Be Accurate

Just like with the rest of your blog, you’re “About Us” page needs to be well-written and absolutely impeccable in terms of grammar, spelling and content quality.

You can’t allow for a typo to slide in and make you seem careless and sloppy.

Present yourself in the best possible way and ensure this section of your blog screams professionalism.

If you need a hand with writing your “About us” page, try using online writing services such as Trust My Paper, which can solve any content-creation problem you might have.



Your “About Us” page is your presentation to the world. It’s where you tell your readers who you are and what you’re made of. Make it perfect.

Include all the crucial features, writing in a friendly but professional manner. Tell the readers what they want to know and add a personal stamp. Make it simple but effective.


Image source: Pixabay

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