Top 10 Best Free WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Top 10 Best Free WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

Today, WordPress appointment and booking plugins have become an important part of many business websites because they allow visitors to book an appointment directly. Earlier, businesses such as hotels were the prevalent group of companies installing these plugins but their functionality and usefulness to get more customers allowed them to expand their user base.

Now, the users of appointment and booking plugins vary from restaurants to digital marketing agencies. In fact, any business can benefit from having them on their website because an online booking system is a great tool to enable prospects and customers to schedule a meeting, book a meeting, service, or a product, or just contact a business with an inquiry.

So, if you’re looking to implement an appointment or booking plugin on your WordPress website and need some great options to choose from, check out the list below.

1. Advanced Booking Calendar

The first item on our list is an awesome plugin for hotel accommodations with excellent reviews on This is a great way to increase occupancy rate because it employs a user-friendly booking system.

For example, a visitor can check the availability both on desktop and mobile devices (responsive design is a must due to the latest Google’s Mobile First update), receive an email with a link to accept or reject bookings and an email with a confirmation, use a simple search function that allows managing prices, room types, and seasons, view calendars, and take advantage of other functions.

Moreover, there a number of great features for business owners, including analytics, tracking and integration with tools such as Google Analytics.

2. Booking Calendar Contact Form

This one enables you to create a traditional booking form and connect it to PayPal payment button, which makes it a good options for hotels and hostels. The user can choose a check-in and a check-out date by using an integrated calendar (and even a partial day booking).

Other features include season management, general purpose contact form, anti-spam protection, print option, configurable validation messages and email texts, price structure, and configurable calendar.

3. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is the first booking calendar designed for WordPress in 2009 which is still very popular; in fact, it has been downloaded over 1 million times since it first appeared in the plugins store nine years ago.

Any business offering bookings can find this plugin useful because it enables to make a booking in one minute + there are many features to customize its functionality to meet the needs of your business. Moreover, it has a responsive design and is easy to install and integrate into your website.

4. WooCommerce Easy Booking

This is a plugin that integrates with the eCommerce toolkit and adds an option of setting the start/end date on a product’s page and allow a visitor to book or rent them. This new function calculates a new price based on the visitor’s input (for example, you can set the custom pricing of the product/service based on days, weeks, and even months.

And, of course, WooCoomerce Easy Booking has a responsive design so your customers will have a pleasant experience booking/renting from mobile devices.

5. Bookings

Booking is quick, responsive, touch-optimized, and has a clear booking process. According to the developers, it’s perfectly suited for many businesses including gyms, consultancies, medical centers, publishing companies selling expert consultations and scholarly research papers, beauty salons, and hotels because it offers a quick and easy solution to check the availability of services and make an online booking.

The design is easy-to-use and simple, and you can add and manage an unlimited number of resources without buying the pro version.

6. Sagenda

This super functional plugin also provides an unlimited number of bookings and customers without any fees and ensures that one can make an easy, 100 percent online booking of your products and services. For example, your customers can use easy payment options such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard, and select the date and the time of an appointment according to their preferences.

7. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments was created by Nikola Loncar, a developer known for functional and reliable plugins. Adding this plugin to your website allows to manage appointments and bookings easily because it has a simple interface as well as all essential functions such as calendar and custom email notifications. You can also customize the booking form by adding own form fields to make it suit your website.

The form itself can be easily added by inserting a shortcode to any page or even a post.

8. WP Simple Booking Calendar

One of the most straightforward booking plugins ever created for WordPress, WP Simple Booking Calendar delivers an easy-to-use, basic solution for businesses that provide accommodations or other per day offers. Installation takes only a few minutes and you’ll have a complete editing freedom of every function displayed to your customers.

9. Appointment Booking and Online Scheduling Plugin by vCita

vCita is a well-known software development company that delivers excellent solutions, and this plugin is no exception. It’s a functional self-service online scheduling system for group events, one-on-one appointments, and classes that integrates quickly and eliminates unnecessary back-and-forth communications.

The plugin is highly customizable and features great options including mobile notifications for customers’ requests and automatic reminders for customers.

10. Ultimate Appointment Booking & Scheduling

With an average review of about 4.5 stars, this plugin comes highly recommended for businesses that need to incorporate an easy-to-use appointment booking platform into their websites. Among the most useful features are PayPal integration, dynamically-updated booking calendar, labeling and styling options, and individual configuration of booking for additional information from customers.


Here’s another extra WordPress booking plugin for your consideration:

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin with really good UX that a lot of people are happy about.  You can check out their Capterra ratings to see that for yourself. It has an easy installation process and good documentation to help you customize the booking process.

It’s best suited for law consultants, gyms and personal trainers, private clinics, spa salons, repair centers, and beauty salons. Its premium version is the one you should go for but you can also try the free version that they have.


Time to Choose

These plugins work well for a wide range of businesses, including hotels, private medical practices, event venues, corporate training centers, exercise classes, and others offering per day deals.

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