Top 5 Great WordPress Plugins for Writers and Bloggers

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WordPress is the most preferred website-building platform on the web. According to W3Tech statistics, 34% of all websites use WordPress for design and content management. Though, the platform is multifunctional and user-friendly, so the statistics are hardly surprising. In addition to vast customizable default options, WordPress can also boast of having a deal of amazing plugins. A great variety of additional tools provide an endless number of useful features, from those that improve look and feel of a website to those that perform a pretty advanced SEO analysis.

Considering the fact that WordPress is extremely popular among writers and bloggers, platform’s developers took care about writing tools as well. In this post, we are going to present the best WordPress plugins for blogs that will definitely help you manage your resource with ease.



JetPack includes 35+ services among which you will find a number of content-managing functions. A variety of features for bloggers and writers include statistics, blog templates, subscriptions, automatic posting, related articles, etc. To say the truth, JetPack has much more than you may need, but why not to choose those tools that will make your blogging better? Also, this plugin has an in-built grammar checker and cross-platform sharing option. Both instruments will help you save time and avoid boring technical routine, so you can focus on your ideas instead! What is more, content delivery network tool will make your blog more optimized, since it adjusts heavyweight elements like photos and images to increase loading speed.



Reaching wider audience with no effort is a dream of every blogger and writer. You want people to like and share your brilliant content, however, posting it on each social media platform manually is a real pain. NextScripts is one of the best free plugins that will take care of it and locate your articles on most popular sites automatically. NextScripts supports tags, informs you about replies and comments from Facebook and Twitter, and posts content in the prescribed time on its own.



As a blogger, you must be aware that visual content makes your posts significantly more attractive for users. However, sometimes choosing a relevant and high-quality image might be daunting and time-consuming. With ImageInject, you won’t have to waste your time browsing Flickr or Pixabay for some pictures anymore, since this plugin will do everything instead of you. It is smart enough to detect relevant images and insert them in your posts in just one click. The tool includes image sources automatically and allows you to adjust their size.


Front End Editor

This one is another time-saving WordPress blog plugin that frees you from back-end editing routine. Here is a common situation every blogger has found himself in: you are done with your article, located it on your page, and at some point realized that a minor change is necessary. A small mistake makes you dig into backend to fix it, which is not the most pleasant journey. Front End Editor saves you from this problem and allows you to change content on the front end level. The tool is very simple, light, and works fast. This is another great instrument to optimize your writing activity.


Co-Author Plus

The default WordPress settings allow you to include only one author of an article. However, if you cooperate with other bloggers and writers, this might be unfair not to include their names as well. To avoid any issues of that kind, you are welcome to install Co-Author Plus, a plugin that allows you to add other people as authors of one post. By the way, if one of your co-authors is not registered at WordPress, this is not a problem, because the plugin can add names of those who don’t have an account. Your helpers and contributors will have an access to the post as well, so they will have the right to make changes if needed (before you publish it on your resource).

With a set of WordPress plugins described above, you will become a truly all-mighty blogger. All of them are extremely useful for active authors, who need to post and manage their content regularly. Whether you are looking for an opportunity to edit your posts faster or to share them automatically across various platforms, you will definitely find a helpful tool in the list. Not only you will improve content management, but also the appearance and usability of your resource. Consider adding one or a number of them to your blog and make it even better! Happy blogging!

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