Top 5 WordPress Lead Generation Plugins You Have Never heard about

Have you ever been stuck at a point in your life where you tried everything with digital marketing and still failed to get leads? You went on losing hope because none of the marketing techniques worked for you. Well, that happens. With a myriad of global and China B2B Platforms available, businesses often are muddled with attracting the right audience. Generating leads is a difficult task only when you’re not sure which direction to work onto. It can be confusing if you don’t know why you’re doing it and what impacts it will bring into your business.

In easier terms, Lead is a company or an individual who shows a keen interest in your business and requests for information to buy or asks more details, etc. If you can put in efforts to convert such leads into regular clients, your business will flourish in no time. And the best part about this is that you can easily get help from plugins and lead generation forms from anywhere on the internet without having the need for technical skills.

The post below will highlight 5 of the best WordPress lead generation plugins that help businesses generate leads and convert them into potential customers on their WordPress websites.

1.   Sumo

Sumo is a WordPress plugin that helps generate leads along with improving traffic on websites. It lets you create email lists, pop-ups and analyze heat maps, content interactions, and options to share directly to social platforms from the website. The plugin has a free version to get you started but that comes with limited features.

Among Sumo’s features, the best used is social sharing which makes it easier for visitors to share media directly from the website. In addition, it allows you to add pop-up buttons and customize them with new colors and shapes. By implementing Sumo, you can make your website more responsive and capture important leads on your WordPress website.

2.   Thrive Leads

The Thrive Lead plugin is very useful in converting visitors into loyal customers. It starts with building an email list by providing you with an opt-in form that compels your visitors to help build you a database of emails. The plugin gives its users a large number of opt-in forms that they can customize or create from scratch. They include sidebars, widgets, pop-ups, scroll box and notification bars that have backlinks and images attached to them. More than half of developers among the China B2B trade sites use Thrive Leads to attract visitors from accords the world.

3.   Icegram

If you’re looking for a free tool with powerful features and user engagement options, you need to check out Icegram. It lets you create pop-ups, call to action buttons, floating boxes, chatbots and reminders for users to engage more on your website. When you give them more features, they are likely to spend time and converse more on the site.

4.   MailOptin

MailOptin has been an Ultimate go-to WordPress plugin for most businesses in the China B2B Marketplace. It is proven to provide quick results in helping to grow your email list with targeted opt-in forms. You can use any according to your business type including popups, slide-ins, subscription forms, widgets and a lot more. Besides that, the plugin also integrates with various email-marketing providers to boost your marketing campaigns. Lastly, once a user is added to your email list, MailOptin ensures to keep them engaged, notified and nurtured with automated and event-triggered emails so they don’t miss out on anything.

5.   LeadPages

LeadPages is a must-have for all businesses out there. It not only is a lead generation plugin but also helps create landing pages and individual opt-in forms. LeadPages has a special timed pop-up box that turns strangers into your regular email subscribers. It includes various features such as A/B testing, attractive pop-ups, drag-and-drop customization, easy analytics, triggered forms on one-click, mobile-friendly designs, responsive, and SMS opt-in signups. Through these strategies, you can attract a wide audience and target them to turn into your customers.

If you don’t give that extra push to your leads, you will be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Pick the best plugins and get started!

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  1. Tushar Prajapati on November 20, 2019

    Hi Georgi, very informative post. How it is to go with MailOptin? We are reviewing this all.
    Thanks for the awesome post.


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