Top 9 Reasons Why WordPress Websites Are the Best for Small Businesses

Developing a website for your business is as important as launching a new business today. Business owners often create a website first to promote or launch their business in the real world. Research reveals over 90 percent of customers search online prior to making a purchase which makes it really important for small businesses to develop a website and market their business.

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The modern-day consumers have become tech-savvy. Thus, a website plays an essential role in helping a business to build a great following and a vast customer base. It is the best and most effective strategy a business can employ.

While there is a myriad of options when it comes to building an aesthetically appealing and interactive website, but not all can help to maximize the potential of your business like WordPress does. As an open-source CMS development company, we have outlined the reasons why WordPress is ideal for building websites for small businesses.

According to a stat, more than 74 million websites across the globe leverage WordPress to publish new content every second. The platform powers 26 percent of all sort of websites over the internet. It is a powerful and one of the most preferred content management systems among both web-savvy consumers and web-novices. If you have decided on building a website for your newly minted small business, WordPress is all you need. Now let us quickly go through the following reasons that make WordPress a perfect website development tool for your small business.

1. Free to use

 Yes, you heard that right. WordPress is absolutely free to use. It can be downloaded and installed at no cost. You can build your website and deploy on a neighborhood sandbox environment efficiently. As a WordPress web development company, we have helped several small business firms set up their new website at a minimal cost. In recent years, WordPress has become a major favorite of the independent ventures as it is powerful, simple and saves time and money too.

2. Supreme-most in the CMS world

 Not only WordPress is the most popular content management system in the market, but it also gives an edge over the competition to its users. As per a statistic from W3Techs, WordPress is leveraged by approximately 59.5 percent of all websites that have employed a content management system.

3. Easy to install and use 

WordPress is easy to install. You can commence using WordPress right after you install it. It does not need additional configurations apart from the ones required for the theme you choose to build your website on. It comes with numerous plug-ins to meet your requirements. A majority of stuff you are interested in using for your website comes integrated with the installation package including the integration of comments, search engine optimizations, social media sites and feeds, etc.

4. Adaptable

One of the most lucrative facts about WordPress is that it is quite adaptable. WordPress is highly flexible to accommodate a varied range of business requirements with its powerful plug-ins and extensions. Whether you need the content management system for your small business, eCommerce site or a personal blog, WordPress can aptly fit all your needs.

5. Secure and safe

Due to the wide popularity of WordPress, the threat of hackers and attackers always lingers. But WordPress ensures the security and trust of its customers by implementing end-to-end security measures. The WordPress community keeps the content management system updated along with their extensions and plug-ins. However, users must take preventive measures by downloading plug-ins from authorized, trusted sources, preferably the ones officially logged by WordPress itself.

6. Highly flexible and customizable

WordPress is easy to customize, which means you can create the aesthetics of your website and make it look like the way you want to. You can customize a WordPress theme to suit your business objectives. WordPress offers a massive variety of themes to choose from. There are several other third-party providers who develop attractive themes for WordPress sites. Some developers even reach out to WordPress community developers to add, extend or build new features for an existing theme in order to make the website more functional and high performing.

7. SEO Optimization

 If you are naïve to website building and search engine basics, you must know that Google penalizes sites that lack mobile friendliness. Google lowers down the ranking of such websites or web pages in the search results. But fret not, with WordPress by your side you need not overhaul your entire website to make it accessible across mobile phones and tablets as a majority of WordPress themes are responsive. Plus, WordPress gives users an option to view their websites in “Mobile View” mode, especially, for themes that are not responsive.

8. Multimedia support

If you have built your website using WordPress, the bounce rate of your site is likely to be low. Websites with multimedia often have the lowest bounce rates. WordPress allows you to add videos and other graphics by uploading one from your local library or embedding code via HTML sources. You can add an appealing range of multimedia to your sites such as imagery, audio files, and various other forms to keep your site visitors hooked for a longer time.

9. Integration support

 WordPress supports integration with several third-party tools and platforms to help you make your website highly sophisticated. From sending out email campaigns and newsletters to offering multiple payment methods, there are a plethora of third-party plug-ins you can choose from. All in all, there are plug-ins and tools for just about anything you need to make your website functional and appealing.


From a personal blog to a commercial website, there’s a little to lot you can do with WordPress on your site. This powerful and comprehensive content management system lets you build and launch your site within a fraction of time.

So, if you’re planning to launch a new website or redesign an existing one, it’s time to harness the power of WordPress. What are the other reasons that make WordPress an ideal content management system for small businesses? Please let us know using the comment box below.

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  1. JS Developer on May 17, 2019

    I tested WordPress for a small amount of goods and a full-fledged self-written site for the same number of positions. I can say that the price of creating two sites is different, but the site was better promoted on WordPress.


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