Tweaking Your WordPress For VPN Users

Use of a virtual private network (VPN) is now so commonplace that it could be argued that savvy internet users shouldn’t go without. According to consumer news outlet PCMag, 17% of all American internet users now deploy a VPN. That percentage rises in other countries, with a huge 35% of people in the Asian-Pacific region using one. Many people are aware of the security benefits of a VPN, but they can also offer you certain advantages that can benefit the success of your WordPress site.

Content delivery speeds

The success of your WordPress site is at least partly dependent on your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. There are hundreds of factors that influence whether your site will feature prominently in search rankings, and one of the most important is page load times. A Forbes digital council recommendation post noted this, outlining how even a 2 second increase in load time will turn away 32% more visitors. A VPN can be an effective way to test this load time, both from your home country and around the world. A good quality VPN will provide good content heavy site load times and give you an insight into how your website is performing for VPN users.

Opening up access

Internet regulations are being introduced at an increasing rate to deal with the global public interest into privacy. While beneficial in terms of protecting privacy and enhancing online security, they also, regrettably, create artificial barriers to accessing websites. As the BBC show, some very high profile websites restrict traffic from GDPR covered countries – even with their considerable resources. Using a VPN in this respect has two benefits. Firstly, it enables you to test connections from a variety of countries to see how accessible your content is. Secondly, if you aren’t confident with meeting GDPR regulations, you can restrict access to European IPs while also giving the option for a work around.

Security bottom line

Given the huge popularity of the platform, WordPress is a common target for hackers. The team behind the WP Foundation are consistently releasing updates to tackle new exploits and loopholes, but in the interim, it pays to be safe when considering the ever evolving threat. Most recently, blue hat organization The Hacker News noted a flaw in WordPress’s software in March that has since been addressed. Many of the hacks and exploits deployed by would-be criminals involve using fraudulently obtained details to get into your website. By using a VPN, WordPress owners can keep their details out of hacker’s hands entirely and add an extra level of security assurance to their website or business.

A VPN is not limited to the domain of those who don’t want their activities to be discovered, or those who are ultra conscious of their privacy. With many exploits and hacks using betrayal of trust as their vehicle, VPNs have instead become a defence against cyber crime. However, they’re not limited to the functional; VPNs can offer a tangible way in which to grow your website.

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  1. jill clay on September 10, 2020

    This is really great as VPN users

  2. Malcolm Burrows on November 23, 2019

    This is really great as VPN users are growing day by day and it is only a matter of time that you need to tweak your WordPress sites for VPN users.


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