Using WordPress to build your website and boost your brand

You can’t build a business today and not have a website. People visit your website, see what you offer, and decide if they want to buy from you. A website says a lot about brand. Many brands use the platform WordPress to build a solid website that boosts brand awareness and makes their brand sparkle. This blog post looks at how to do it.


What makes a successful brand?

A successful brand has several important characteristics:

  • A clear promise. Your brand should have a clear promise that captures everything you stand for. It’s the reason for the brand’s being.
  • Consistency. A consistent brand conveys a stronger sense of purpose. Inconsistency will create confusion.
  • Successful brands engage their audience. Selling to them is too little now. Brands must communicate and connect with them.
  • Knowing their audience. A brand has to stay relevant to be great. It does this by knowing its audience.


Using WordPress to build your website and boost your brand

WordPress is intuitive and you can build a website with it that really makes your brand stand out. Here are some tips to do this:

Publish a blog

WordPress’s main feature is content creation. It’s designed for it, so build your website, and then start publishing blog content. Your website and blog are excellent resources for making your brand more visible. If you can answer people’s (search) queries well enough with your content, you’re a step closer to making them a customer.

Create landing pages

You can use special themes in Word Press to create targeted landing pages. Your landing page shows you understand your audience. Not only that, however, it’s also your opportunity to convey a sense of the brand — through the design and the copy — when an internet user lands on the page.

Making the most of plugins

Plugins do a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to building a website. Useful plugins for brand building include Stream Quiz, which allows you to create quizzes that can bring traffic to your website and have the potential to go viral, and Blog2Social, which enables you to schedule WordPress blog posts to social media accounts.



Brands making WordPress work for them

Some big-name brands are doing a splendid job of making WordPress work for them. Here are a few:

BBC America

BBC America offers a mix of American and British TV shows. The featured images are large, the website skin is dark, and the design is blog-like. It’s quintessentially BBC in its style.

The official James Bond website

The website of the world’s most famous spy is slick in simple black and white, with the 007 logo, of course. A slider sits at the top of the page, the social media icons on the left, and there’s infinite scrolling. Fans can relive some of their favorite moments featuring the smooth secret agent.


The inspiring talks program website has featured talks at the top, a section of new talks, and a broad selection of talks by topic. The blog on a subdomain has a featured post at the top and then a selection of posts on the left. The TED red and white colors are present across the website.


WordPress makes it easy to build a website in a way that can make a brand stand out and be successful. Since the website conveys an impression of a brand, you should always build the best website possible.

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