Ways to provide your academic writing service with WordPress Plugins

When talking about the WordPress e-commerce plugin, most people associate it with selling physical or digital commodities. However, it is a perfect platform for selling services online as well. This article is an ultimate guide for you to learn how to use WordPress to sell services online like academic writing.


How can WordPress help you in sales?

It is a tool that is known for its flexibility in nature. WordPress can be helpful in both setting up your website and adding a variety of useful functions to it. For instance, you can get assistance in setting up stores selling digital goods, which seem suitable for the provision of services online.

According to Adam Wiseman a web developer from Resume That Works, there are many other reasons why WordPress is an excellent option to offer to sell website services. These include expanding its functionality. It is endlessly customizable due to its theme systems and plugin. Besides, the costs are very minimal if you setup your website using WordPress. Also, it is compatible with several payment gateways. With the help of its plugin system, you get to integrate WordPress with the popular payment methods. Meaning you get to accept any mode of payment.

So how does it work? Firstly, upon visiting your website, the customer gets to see the list of your selling service list. It does not have to be complicated. It can consist of one or more types of services. You are also free to provide a variety of options. You can charge fixed prices for one-off services, or customers can pay by the hour. You can also use subscriptions to generate revenue by recurring customers. You also have the option to either dedicate a page for ordering, or you can use an e-commerce table having the description mentioned next to the list of the services.

Secondly, the payment method depends on your choice of selling. Either it is via e-commerce or payment offline. If you go with a non-e-commerce option, the customer gets to complete an online form by clicking on the service he needs. This form would require them to fill out information regarding their contact information and anything you would like to have. Upon completion, you get an email regarding their information.

In contrast, if you settle on the e-commerce option, the customer gets to decide and add an option of preference to the cart. Next, they view a summary of their order and proceed to checkout. The payment methods include paying via debit or credit card as well as PayPal. The customer ends up getting a thank you email upon confirmation of their order. Lastly, you have to contact your customer for arranging and providing the service. It does not occur on the premises of your WordPress website, which will help it fitting nicely into your already existing work processes.

Thanks to WordPress you will successfully provide your academic writing service and will find plenty of customers that will pay for essays at your website.

Still not convinced yet? That is okay. Allow me to take you through the three most practical methods you can opt for using this platform for selling purposes.


Most useful ways to sell your services online with WP:

  • Plans ahead and pricing tables can help a lot

Pricing Tables can help almost every service website. It makes it easier for you to promote your services simultaneously, allowing a potential target market to indulge in quick comparisons between your ongoing plans. There is no need for hunting down information as it is all presented in a way that there is only a single section to deal with. Mostly, you need to use these tables only if you are offering multiple tiered services. If we talk by example, you might require a pricing table if you are offering discounts on purchasing numerous services up-front. This tool is relevant and up to date and also includes multiple pre-built layouts that assist you in the smooth preparation and running of the tables. It also supports Google Analytics tracking and allows many payment gateways. Plus, you get extensive documentation from Easy Pricing Tables to help you get started.

  • Develop an appointment to buy fast an assignment

The majority of the people associate bookings and reservations with services offered offline. However, that might not always be the case. If you are a web developer by profession and offer technical support, you are most likely to schedule your consultations ahead of time. That is where the role of online appointments comes to play. If you sell on WordPress, you get a chance to effectively and efficiently manage your calendar. It might make you even more attractive for clients who are not fond of contacting and booking over the internet and primarily through emails. Similar to using pricing tables, WP using plugins enables you with this feature. Nevertheless, I would like to point out here that this system is best suited to complex organizations that have multiple employees. You would require something a little less complicated if you are operating solo such as Booking Calendar.

Easy Appointments and straightforward plugin both share similar basic functionality, but the latter option is more accessible to setup. There is no requirement for configuring multiple locations or workers. You can add a shortcode wherever you need the booking calendar to be. You would still require to configure the days when you are available, but that is pretty much it.

  • Use a mailing list to promote your services

Having a mailing list means, you get to create a database of your potential customers. Having a high number of people on this list is beneficial for you as it provides you with a better chance of converting them upon reaching out. Plus, if they have signed up, it shows they are already interested in your value propositions. If you are dealing with recurring customers, mailing lists are a perfect option for you. You can incentivize them by providing discounts, exclusive offers, other promotional tools, and don’t forget to include in the letter a valuable keyword like: “Who will write my essay for me?”. In order to do this, you will require a platform that supports handling sign-ups, registrations, and emails.

Remember if you are looking for how to sell your services online, trust is vital.

To establish and foster trusted customer relationships, you need to have a fully-featured website. It is an excellent way to portray to people that you mean business and are very serious about your value offerings.

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