What’s New in WordPress 4.7

To our surprise, WordPress 4.7 was released today and it looks beautiful! It is called Vaughan.

See the original WordPress 4.7 blog post or if you are a developer and you are interested in the more technical aspects, have a look at the Codex for 4.7.

I like the new WordPress very much and played around with it since the beta already. Here are some quick discoveries and thoughts about it:

Twenty Seventeen Theme

It boasts the new and long awaited Twenty Seventeen theme which is an extremely powerful yet simplistic WordPress theme. It is versatile enough for many purposes and it is also easy to customize according to your needs.

Twenty Seventeen is a fully responsive theme which includes compatibility for all of the new theme editing features of WordPress 4.7. It also includes elegant fonts in the new design to make any website look great. Give it a try on your next blog, company website and even online shop!

Themes & Editing Features

Many new usability features were added to make WordPress themes even most robust.

Theme Starter Content

On fresh WordPress websites, this feature will add widgets, posts, attachments, menus and much more for you to get started with. You then have a platform to start working on when you are building a new website. Not just the usual “Hello World” but so much more!

Kickstart your new website with WordPress theme starter content!

Edit Shortcuts

When you customize your WordPress theme in the customize interface, little edit/pencil icons will show next to certain areas, sections or texts. Clicking on any of the icons will take you to the specific setting in the customizer, creating a wonderful editing flow.

Video Headers

Just as it says, a video as a website header. The video you choose can be either an MP4 file or you can simply copy/paste a YouTube URL which makes it quick and easy for all users. The video will then play in the header behind the text and other elements. Users may play/pause the video as needed. No sound will be played.

Smooth Navigation Menus Building

We all know how it feels when you have to jump between the menus section and the posts, categories or pages sections in WordPress. This has just changed! You can now create content such as pages while you create and edit your WordPress menus. Another very useful feature I noticed is that when a menu item links to content which doesn’t exist anymore, it will be highlighted and give a notice/message to warn you.

Invalid menu items in WordPress are of the past!

Custom CSS

Just to make some quick edits or temporary edits to the design of your website. It is now available in the customizer under the Additional CSS section. The CSS will reflect live on the preview and that is ideal for designers wanting to achieve a specific look before applying it permanently to the main stylesheet.

Admin Languages and Locale Switching

The WordPress dashboard in your language! As an administrator, you can choose your language in the dashboard accordingly and that locale will be loaded and used for you as you chose.

PDF Thumbnail Previews

Previews of PDFs are available now. As you know, a PDF document can be very mysterious because we always have to download them and open them on our computers. We can all now at least see a preview of what is inside the file before downloading it.

REST API Endpoints

The new REST API endpoints has a standardized interface for you to communicate with your WordPress website. It will revolutionize the way many websites together with their themes and plugins work. Have a look at the new REST API reference.

Get WordPress 4.7

There is much more! You will discover new features and improvements throughout the WordPress dashboard after you have installed it and start working on it.

If you already have WordPress installed, you can simply do the automatic update inside your WordPress dashboard. If not, you can download WordPress or with our WordPress hosting, it is quick and easy to install WordPress through the hosting control panel without having to do anything technical.

Please note that all our WordPress plugins are already 100% compatible with WordPress 4.7.

WordPress Plugins

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