Why a Newsletter is Important

Why is a newsletter is important for your business?

Why a newsletter is important

A newsletter is necessary for any business, both online and offline because it’s a way to reach out to your clients, customers or prospects. I use a newsletter for capturing leads by creating specific landing pages. Building up relationships with your base is a way to not only brand your business, but it’s a way to get to know each subscriber who replies to your emails.

Does your company get mentioned in the news frequently or you make major announcements? Not only writing a blog post about the news, but it’s also an excellent time to send out an email to all subscribers, so they have informed right away, and if they have questions, you will get a response faster.

Myself, I’m not into surprises so if I am well-informed from a business that I am subscribed to, I am more likely to continue to do business with that company and keep on recommending them to my friends. There are numerous ways a newsletter is important for business. If you are not building an email list, you should start this as soon as possible.

Where Do I Start?

To create a business newsletter, you will need to join an autoresponder business. Some of these businesses may have free options but for your situation, invest in a paid account from the start.

Here are the popular ones that are perfect for any business. Take the time to go through all of them to see which one suits your needs and budget. You don’t want anything holding you back when you start to get a lot of subscribers all of a sudden.

  • Aweber.com
  • Mailchimp.com
  • InfusionSoft.com
  • GetResponse.com
  • icontact.com
  • benchmarkemail.com

In WordPress, you can install Newsletter Plugin that will help you create nice looking forms to display anywhere on your blog. WPArena is also using Newsletter plugin. Some of the email providers I listed above have their Email Management plugins in the WordPress repository. Newsletter Plugin is my provider, and I used the plugin to create newsletters. You do not have to hire someone to create a business newsletter. If you know the type of content you intend to send to your clients, then you won’t have a problem creating newsletters to send out.

Benefits Of A Newsletter

If you ask any well-known blogger about why I should start an email list, typically their response is “The money is in the list”. This is fact as through sending emails; you will be able to help the potential customer to trust you with your expert advice and therefore in the future when you submit an offer they will buy. Here are some benefits I’d like to mention briefly.

– Awareness – Gain Popularity

By publishing a newsletter, this gives you the ability to raise awareness and understanding of what your company is all about and offers. A person who found your company by searching Google may be curious and click on the link to view your business blog. Having a lot of advertisements on the homepage is not a way to make an impression online. By providing a newsletter box under the menu bar with a short description of what the list entails, you increase your chances of that curious visitor to take the bait. A newsletter’s content can build a broader picture of all aspects of what your business offers. Have a beginner serious for first-time subscribers where you go over the company.

In the sign-up form, make sure that you encourage readers to find out more, try to add links to relevant sections of your blog on the homepage so the visitor can access them to learn more about the business. If they like what they see, that initial sign up on the homepage or in the sidebar will get used.

– Expertise – What Do You Do?

A newsletter should showcase what your expertise is and how you can help potential clients. The newsletter content should typically provide valuable information to customers and prospects that helped you establish the company as a leader in your industry. When developing leadership, make sure to include articles covering important issues in your market sector and share information on your industry and how you are adapting.

If you do any conferences, sending an email about where your company will be and how to get ticket’s which will help in not only growing your list but the business itself. Think of this, your subscribers will be able to meet you in person, and that’s when you can talk face to face to build a long-lasting relationship.

– Promotion (Earn Money From The List)

Remember earlier I said, the money is in the list? This is where your newsletter can increase revenue for your business. One of the purpose’s newsletters serves to promote products, services or launching new products. If you get any special offers related to your business via email or have offers that you created, the best way to get them out is to send an email. Don’t send advertisements a lot as that could get people to unsubscribe because they feel they are just getting spammed and the newsletter is not providing any value to them.

Get creative in how you use your newsletters but remember this, if you don’t like it when you get constantly email by one person with constant advertisements, you will unsubscribe. It takes some practice to in regards to sending advertisements to earn revenue and regular emails with valuable information.

Author Bio: This article is written by Jazib Zaman, founder of WPArena. He is a WordPress developer and blogs about WordPress security and WordPress Hosting

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