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There is a common saying these days, content is king. Content management systems (CMS) have almost completely taken over with websites preferring a content-friendly layout for designing and even selling products online. The main target of any online business portal is to generate as much traffic as possible by redirecting users conveniently. It also helps to convert the visitors into buyers by convincing them that they have something of quality to offer. With respect to both of these aspects, content plays a significant role. Most of the companies, big or small, use the most popular CMS called WordPress for most of their work, mainly due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Initially, almost 16 years ago, WordPress was developed with the intention of being a blogging site, but the tides have turned, and it is now being used as a Content Management System that can be used to design websites with unique features and themes. If you are looking to build a new website or update your old one in order to comply with the modern requirements and needs, you should shift to WordPress for best results. Are you not convinced yet? Well, here are a few reasons why you should be.


It’s free

The number of features that WordPress provides to its users, you might be thinking that you have to spend a whopping amount to use it for designing the websites. You could not be any more wrong. Since it is open-source software, it is free for every user, no matter how extensively they use it. Moreover, if you feel you need to make some changes to the coding of the website, you are free to do so as well. The software is free throughout, and you don’t even have to spend any substantial amount for the maintenance of the website.


Search engine friendly

When a website uses WordPress for its content, it automatically goes higher up the ranking of the search engine as the crawlers can crawl through the website easily. Few of the popular search engines used these days are Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and all of them have a preference for WordPress. There are additional features available as well that make the website more search engine friendly, and your website starts coming in the initial pages of the search.



One of the best features of WordPress is the fact that it can be used for multiple purposes according to the needs of the user. Whether it be for personal blogging or for setting an online e-commerce portal, WordPress has it all. The number of extensions and plugins provided by them also makes it extremely customizable. Thus, it is clear from these facts that WordPress is one of the most flexible software available in the market.


Protection and safety

Since the utility of WordPress is so widespread, it is common to be one of the favorite software for hackers to hack and use for malicious intentions. WordPress is up to the task as well as it provides security of the highest order. It keeps updating the software periodically as a potent security option and also provides backup to all the content automatically. It is entirely safe to use, and you can rest assured that your content will be secure throughout.


Hosts multimedia

Multimedia mainly includes videos, GIFs, and images which, when included in the websites adds to its credibility and esthetics. It is effortless to integrate these multimedia using appropriate plugins. HTML is the preferred language for coding. The WordPress Media Library has a massive collection of images and audio files which can be used for website designing as well.


No need to learn code

You don’t need to know any programming language to integrate content into a website using WordPress. It follows the concept of What You See Is What You Get, and you can create pages very easily. Moreover, many builders are working for the community who can assist you with the designing and layout. It is not absolutely compulsory to learn to code in HTML to create content in WordPress, which also adds to its popularity.


Established community

WordPress serves close to 70 million companies these days by creating websites of the highest quality. It is imperative that when you are maintaining a company of such repute, you provide customer support of the highest quality as well. WordPress employs executives exclusively for customer service, and they address any issues that might crop up almost immediately.


Enhanced on-site SEO

There are a lot of free SEO plugins that will make your website SEO friendly and will help you add Google Analytics and Search Console code. You can create customized meta tags for each of your pages, optimize the loading speed of your site and ensure you rank high on Google. By following the best SEO practices and strategies you will be able to outrank your competitors with a simple WordPress site.


Easy to manage

WordPress might be very extensive with many features, but if you ask anyone who has used its services, they will tell you that it is one of the most accessible software to manage. WordPress has two options for its usage. You can either opt for an auto-updater that will keep updating the software as and when it comes. There is also an option for manually updating WordPress as sometimes the websites are broken if the plugin or the theme that you use for your website is incompatible.


Keeps your site looking fresh

The main requirement of a site is that it should be appealing to any user who visits it, and they find it convenient to navigate. Once that is done, a certain amount of trust is built, and the user is more comfortable in making a purchase, which is the ultimate aim of any business organization. WordPress assists in all of these steps as you can insert plugins and multimedia and also change the themes just at the click of a button. It is also updated with the latest trends and thus helps in ensuring that the sites look fresh at all times.

All the reasons mentioned above should be enough to convince you to shift to WordPress instead of a business blog. Make use of all the features while you still can, and you will be amazed by how much you can achieve using it.

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